Monday, November 29, 2010


A Sound Like Shit (Colonized & more), 1993
Control, 1994
Your Chaos Days Are Numbered, 1998
Fucked Up Mess, 1999
Cheerleaders For Imperialism, 2000
Dynamite Up Your Ass, 2002
Thrash Wave (36 tracks version), 2002
split with Capitalist Casualties, 2008
Those who liked the Tumult post should enjoy this bunch very much. Hellnation were the undisputed kings of terminally pissed off grinding hardcore destruction from the 90s as in Heresy meets S.O.B. 10 years later. More hate than in 21 black metal albums combined! Maximum earslaughter and bleeding eardrums for everyone! Blast this shit at 11 all night long and fight your neighbors with kitchenware!!! MEGA BASHING THRASHING BLEEDING ARMAGEDDON PANIC OF ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRR R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R R RRRRRRRRRRR R R R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R RR R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R !R! !R !RR !R! !! ! ! ! ! R!R!R ! !
CD rip except LP rip from:

Cheerleaders For Imperialism:
Barricade 0:35
Against The Grain 0:20
Charged Up 0:36
Not Free From You 0:24
Your A Joke 0:39
Punk Or Cop 0:33
Selfish Shit 1:15
I Live My Life 0:33
No Truth 0:34
Politics 0:38
Nightmare 0:24
Fucked Up Mess 1:08
Greedy Motherfucker 0:31
Aaron Pryor 0:31
No Fan Of Cops 0:57
Not Laughing 0:39
College Town Revolutionary 0:29
Fuck The Kids 0:28
Shut Up 0:29
Shit Society 0:33
No Minion 0:33
Cheerleaders For Imperialism 0:28
Tunnel Vision 0:19
Scared Fuck Up 0:41
Pave Your Grave 0:35
Consumer Might 0:41
Advice 0:28
Economic Survival 0:35
Kiss Of Death 1:03

Yes 29 tracks for 24 mp3s, I forgot to split a few songs... sorry, but not guilty.

A Sound Like Shit compiles:
Tracks 1-17 entire Colonized LP.
Track 18 unreleased.
Track 19 from Bloodless Unreality compilation 7".
Tracks 20-26 from Suppression 7".
Tracks 27-28 from Aussie 7".

Thrash Wave compiles (and has two S.O.B., one Comes, one Warhead, one Lip Cream, one Damnable Excite Zombies and one fucking Outo covers zerrrrrrr!!!):
Tracks 1-6 taken from the split EP with Merda.
Tracks 7-12 taken from the split EP with Sink.
Tracks 13-20 taken from the At War With Emo 5".
Track 21 taken from the Homeless Benefit compilation EP.
Tracks 22-28 taken from the Tomorrow Will Be Worse 4xEP.
Tracks 29-36 taken from the Thrash Or Die EP.

Hellnation's own label Sound Pollution closed this month after over 20 years of sonic warfare, so click now and buy Hellnation noise and other Sound Pollution releases before they reach $249.99 on ebay!!!

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