Monday, February 14, 2011


Rock Until You Drop (+ 7"), 1981
Wiped Out (+ Crash bang Wallop 12"), 1982
All For One (+ Born To Be Wild 12"), 1983
Live At The Inferno, 1984
Stay Hard, 1985
The Pack Is Back, 1986
Life's A Bitch, 1987
Nothing Exceeds Like Excess, 1988
Architect Of Fear, 1991
Glow, 1994
Destroy All Monsters (Live In Japan), 1995
Everything Louder, 1997
Raw Tracks (compilation of live & demos), 1999
One For All, 2000
Walk Through Fire (Japanese edition with 1 bonus track), 2009

28 years later!

The hottest heavy metal band on earth, Raven!!!! Since the day in 1983 my neuron made contact with the utramegacultosaurus Grandiose Masterpiece superpowered world class infinite force-unmovable king of all-things-hard-rock album All For One, I hadn't had the occasion to attend a Raven live experiment until yesterday night, ZERRRRRRRRrRRRrrrrrRRRRr!R!R!RrrR!R!R R !R !R RRR!R R!! !R!R R !R!R !R!R ! R r ! ! !RR! r!r ! ! ! ! ! Best show of the past years since Vulcain and (the true/Beehler) Exciter!!!!! It's incredible how much energy and power Raven still radiate in your general direction after a career of 37 years of such intense hard rock. And they are SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOD!!! Top class professionals with a constant smile! John Gallagher is the most powerful voice in the metal world, forget Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson! Of course they did play most of their classics from the first three records, and also some of the last albums, a couple from Nothing Exceeds, Life and Architect, but also surprisingly a great version of their attempt at a radio hit On And On.
Regarding their discography, of course the first 4 LPs are just unbelievable classics full of the customized and augmented mix of Motörhead | Judas priest | Anvil that they've been brewing since 1974. No real rock fan can live without these albums or he will be laughed at until the 7th generation. Live At The Inferno is one of the very best metal live record ever released on par with Unleashed In The East and No Sleep Til Hammersmith. Then in 85 and 86, they tried to sell their butts to Atlantic and released the two horrible TV-radio-targeted Stay Hard and The Pack Is Back (I did not even dare to rip my LPs, just took the above rips from a torrent). After that failure of becoming millionaires like Lars Ulrich, they returned for a string of totally rocking albums up to 2009 and the red hot Walk Through Fire and lived happily ever after doing real hard rock for the smaller crowds of truer fans. Raven amen.
RAVEN ROCK TIL YOU ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrRrrr !R!R Rr !R r R!RRRRR Rr R R!R! !R R r RR!R r r! RRRRR!!!!r!!!! RRR R!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !RRR r R rRRRR R!!!!
CD rip.

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  1. A great great band :'(
    You almost make me cry hahahahahaah
    Awesome post!!!!

  2. Yes!, Raven!
    Tout une partie de ma jeunesse!
    Au lycée, je sortais avec une nana qui était la soeur du batteur d'Asshole (excellent Thrash français!), du coup elle me trimballait avec elle à des concerts métal. Dont Raven!!
    Putain, un batteur incroyable! Il jouait avec un casque de football américain, pour mettre des coups de tête dans les cymbales! Pendant + de 2heures!!!
    Je me demande s'il n'a pas perdu des neurones comme ça!!
    En tout cas merci!!


  3. Aaaha putain Asshole, de Nancy... avec mon groupe de l'époque on a fait un concert avec eux à Paris en 87 ou 88...
    Mais apparememnt le batteur casqué va bien, il est devenu ingénieur du son par la suite à NY.

  4. please re-upload these




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