Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Something To Prove + Nothing Is Easy + Don't Forget The Fun 7", 1985/1988 (CD version)
Nothing Is Easy, 1988 (vinyl rip)
Common Thread, 1990 (CD version with 3 bonus tracks)
Common Thread + Something To Prove, 1990 (vinyl rip)
Thanks! (live), 1990
Joe, 1992 (12 tracks version CD)
Eating Glass, 1992
Shit For Sale, 1994
Family Values, 1995
Get Off The Stage (CD 1), 1996
Get Off The Stage (CD 2), 1996
Set An Example, 2004
A Columbus Feeling, 2010
The demo
Spermbirds/ Walter Elf split, 1985 (Spermbirds tracks also available on the Something To Prove CD)

Big fat nostalgiaaaaa repost! My previous Spermbirds posts were stupidly disseminated and several rips were removed from mediafire, so here is now the rejuvenated and gathered catalog of the masters of 80s German punk rock, including the new excellent 2010 album "A Columbus Feeling" - a fresh take on their root sound - and the CD rip of the immense "Common Thread". Hard to say what is their best release, it's all great from the mega classic "Something To Prove" to the last two classic sounding reunion albums, via the darker "Common Thread", the shining "Eating Glass" and the amazome double live that features both singers, all the hits and plenty of the super excellent, more metallic sound of "Shit For Sale" and "Family Values". Family values: today Alice my oldest and largest and pinkest and Japanesest pierced daughter is turning 18 and I am just an old piece of mumbling meat, I need lots of youthful bombastic super catchy punk rock made by equally fossilized Germans! 18 très gros mutz pour un très gros bébé! Zer! Ach!
CD rip and some vinyl.
2Bad are here and Steakknife are scheduled.

Spermbirds on MySpace
Spermbirds website
Buy all Spermbirds records and CDs still in print! Boss Tuneage is still the super fucking fastest mailorder on the planet: no more than 3 days elapsed between my 1st click and the package delivery in my mailbox - from the UK to Canada, and just for regular shipping charges! MEGA AMAZOME MAILORZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

A Columbus Feeling:
1. Matter Of Fact
2. Columbus Feeling
3. Stacks & Piles
4. Meet Me In The Middle
5. Can`t live Without it
6. Black In A Rainbow
7. Choose Not To Look
8. Legend Of The Honest Men
9. A Cliff To Jump Off Of
10. Try And Stop Us
11. Strategy For Victory
12. Let Me Think
13. Honestly
There is one more song on the vinyl LP!


  1. en voila un post qu'il est ZEEEEERRRRRRRR

    and i can add is to get on soulseek, connect to user
    slamdanceman and get the 320kbps version of their so called 1985 demo tape. that version is the best sound i've heard of it, way better than my copy which should be the 160kbps vbr rip that can also find there.... 2 classic songs and 3 unreleased!!

    and to finish, who on earth still have a copy their 1982 ( i think) demo tape that got reviewed in MRR

  2. Peux-tu charger ça sur mediafire ou équivalent ? Je le rajouterai à la liste. Merci !!!
    Étais-tu membre de Flitox ? Kromozom 4 ?

  3. You can find the demo here:

  4. ...and here the Spermbirds/ Walter Elf split:

  5. Happy birthday, Alice ! Today (feb 2), my mother turned 55 which still make me a fresh dominant extra-big-ass young and white male with infinite life & beer & zer in front on me !!!!

  6. Un putain de méga bon groupe !!!
    Merci !! J'ai le something to prove et le split avec Walter elf en vynil dans un carton usés jusqu'à la corde... Maintenant avec ça en CD je vais faire fondre la tête laser de mon lecteur CD !!! héhéhé !!!




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