Saturday, September 8, 2012


G.I.S.M. - Live Tokyo 1982-1983 1982/1983
G.I.S.M. - Human Condition 1982/1992
G.I.S.M. - DETESTation 1983
G.I.S.M. - NIH Nightmare 1983/1987
G.I.S.M. - Military Affairs Neurotic 1987
G.I.S.M. - SoniCRIME Therapy 2001
01. G.I.S.M. - Live Tokyo 1982-1983, 1982/1983 LP
     Absolute Power - Japan FIVE
     Bootleg live record released in 2003
02. G.I.S.M. - Human Condition, 1982/1992 LP
     Absolute Power - Japan TWO
     Bootleg compilation released in 1995 - 1-2: Great Punk Hits comp., 3-4: Hardcore Unlawful Assembly comp., 5,19: The Punx... comp., 6-7: Bonus Tracks from the Detestation CD, 8-12: Outsider comp., 13-16: recorded live March 6th 1983, 17-18: recorded live June 6th 1992
03. G.I.S.M. - DETESTation, 1983 CD
     Beast Arts - VID 113
     Beast Arts 1992 reissue
04. G.I.S.M. - NIH Nightmare, 1983/1987 CD
     JPC - JPC 001, Compilation
     CD bootleg of vinyl rips of DETESTation, compilation tracks and M.A.N. without the drone tracks
05. G.I.S.M. - Military Affairs Neurotic, 1987 CD
     Beast Arts - DWCD 9 09236 2
06. G.I.S.M. - SoniCRIME Therapy, 2001 CD
     Beast Arts
The transition from Poison Idea to GISM was only natural, from one blood crown to another. Let's waste our breath restating the unbelievable amount of zerism in G.I.S.M. - this time MRR was right, the DETESTation review: "Churning metal-punk, or perhaps even speed-metal, depending on where you draw the distinction. GISM are undoubtedly a heavy metal band who've been heavily influenced by hardcore, but the music is so intense and the vocals so ominous that even I'm in a state of shock. These guys make Venom sound like the Knack, especially on side one." Annihilation of the DETESTation! I was sent to an inescapable orbit too when I discovered GISM on the P.E.A.C.E. compilation. More evil than everything with pentagrams combined! I need to go back to the 80s.
Details: monster Iron Fist (from Die You Bastard! and Crow) is the drummer on the apocalyptic 2001 return album. Bang that head and drink blood. I split the DETESTation hidden bonus tracks to save space and increase listening comfort. The 82/83 live bootleg has no song tags and only 21 files, but the entire record is there. Splitting this correctly was too demanding for my patience, anyway you will not listen to it twice, this is a horrible bootleg, except if you wish to hear something harsher and noisier than any so-called forest raw black metal ever released. Catch Human Condition instead, this is an amazing bootleg.
Terathanks to Jazzpunk for the M.A.N. and NIH rips.
This is the start of the second Japanese hardcore orgy. We'll have Japanese only metal, punk and hybrids for several weeks. Hail to Japan. Hail Satan.
Remove brackets and unzip: [satanjapan]


  1. !!!ZER Churchofzer ZER!!!

    DETESTation is one of my all-time favorite recordings, EVER!!! Thanx for ripping the vinyl since I don't have a turntable right now. This is going to be a wild several weeks of music listening!!! ZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sakevi/Zer for President 2012!!!

  3. Japanese only for the next few weeks? ZERRRRR-RUHH(!)(Chuck Billy style)!!! How about putting up the entire Gargoyle AND Volcano discographies??? there would not be even a thing remotely monumentally Jap-Zerr(!) as that!!!

  4. You cannot FATHOM how much I appreciate your uploads, thank you!

  5. G.I.S.M. - Live Tokyo 1982-1983 file is corrupted




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