Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hellchild - ...To The Eden 1992
Hellchild - Where The Conflict Reaches 1993
Hellchild - Gleam In The Gloom 1994
Hellchild - Split 7'' Hellchild-Multiplex 1995
Hellchild - Kutna Hora Split 1996
Hellchild - Circulating Contradiction 1997
Gomorrah - Split 7'' Hellchild-Gomorrah 1999
Hellchild - Bareskin 1999
Hellchild - Bareskin (Bonus Disk) 1999
Hellchild - Split 10'' Hellchild-Word Salad 2000
Hellchild - Wish 2000
Hellchild - Maniac Psycho Abyss - Split Flexi 7'' Gigatic Khmer 1990
01. Hellchild - ...To The Eden, 1992 MCD
     Ritual Records - RR-001
02. Hellchild - Where The Conflict Reaches, 1993 CD
     Ritual Records - RR-002
03. Hellchild - Gleam In The Gloom, 1994 MCD
     Ritual Records - RR-04
04. Hellchild - Split 7'' Hellchild-Multiplex, 1995 Split 7''
     HG Fact - HG-031
05. Hellchild - Kutna Hora Split, 1996 Split CD
     Rhetoric Records - RHET 052
06. Hellchild - Circulating Contradiction, 1997 CD
     Ritual Records - HWCA-3
07. Gomorrah - Split 7'' Hellchild-Gomorrah, 1999 Split 7''
     Bastardized Recordings - BE006
08. Hellchild - Bareskin, 1999 CD
     Ritual Records - HWCA-22
09. Hellchild - Bareskin (Bonus Disk), 1999 MCD
     Ritual Records - HWCA-22
     Covers: 1: G.I.S.M., 2: medley of Motley Crue, Motorhead, U2, Sex Pistols, 3: medley of Whiplash, Metallica, Exodus, Destruction, Slayer, Kreator
10. Hellchild - Split 10'' Hellchild-Word Salad, 2000 Split 10''
     Hater Of God - HOG-09
11. Hellchild - Wish, 2000 CD
     Ritual Records - HWCA-1040
Amazing bonus from Jazzpunk:
12. Hellchild - Maniac Psycho Abyss - Split Flexi 7'' Gigatic Khmer, 1990 7'' Split Flexi Disc
     Strange Records - TLIS-05
Reload and rezer of Japan's classic answer to Grave with tuberculosis: mega riffage workshop with no-end low-end growler. Wish has a different, sadder feeling and is probably my favorite of the lot. The nightmare continues.
!ZER Hellchild ZER!
Remove brackets and unzip: [drowning in groove]


  1. Your friend from RussiaSeptember 26, 2012 at 1:26 PM

    Dear Zer! First of all, thanks a lot for your wise opinion of pissy-pussy riots. Their controlled from without trick (sacrilege) is very insulting for us (Russian folk). [By the way, one of this pussy-monkey have a Canadian green card.]

    The chief.
    Huge to you thanks for everything that you do! Thanks for titanic efforts on collecting and digitizing of this albums and thanks for your generosity at creation of this blog.
    Metal-oriented albums is easy for getting on the internet and to download in flac quality. Unlike a hardcore-based albums which without your participation would leave in the past and remained only in short zine's reviews. It is the whole layer of world culture and you the rescuer of it.
    I ask to forgive me for the following questions.

    A) Some zip-archives is downloaded, but have a zero weight (0 Mb). That are:
    Dayglo Abortions
    01. Dayglo Abortions - Feed Us A Fetus, 1986 CD
    02. Dayglo Abortions - Here Today Guano Tomorrow, 1988 CD
    07. Dayglo Abortions - Holy Shiite!!, 2004 CD
    Ratos De Porao
    01. Ratos De Porao - Periferia 1982, 1981/1982 CD
    02. Various Artists - Sub, 1983
    03. Ratos De Porao - Crucificados Pelo Sistema, 1984 CD
    04. Ratos De Porao - Descanse Em Paz, 1986 CD
    06. Ratos De Porao - Dirty And Aggressive, 1987 CD
    07. Ratos De Porao & Sepultura - We Are A Fuckin' Shit, 1989 CD
    10. Ratos De Porao - R.D.P. Vivo, 1992 CD

    B) Did you have original Yacøpsæ 1998 Fuck Punkrock... This Is Turbo-Speed-Violence!! CD? The tracks from this masterpeace on accessible 2007 Fastcoregraphy CD is bad vinyl-rip.

    C) I'm dream of forthcoming discography posts for Hellnation, Infest, Institute, No Comment, Youth Enrage, Dropdead.

    D) What do you know about mysterious Brigada Do Ódio? Really this is side project of Olho Seco?

    E) October 14, 2012 will be anniversary of Kevin Mahoney's (R.I.P.) untimely death. Can you post The Spoils 2007 "To The Victor..." CD - Kevin's last recrding?

    Thank you, highly distinguished Zer!

    1. Thanks for the kind words.
      A) I reloaded the bad files, you can download them now.
      B) Yes I have this, will upload it in a few weeks.
      C) Hellnation, Infest and Dropdead yes. Don't have the others.
      D) I don't think I know anything about them...
      E) I will try to remember this and commemorate with a Spoils/Siege post.

  2. Thanx again! Bestest blog in the world!

  3. Zer can you reupload Inferno? (ger)

    1. Yes, I will. Please wait, the request log is very long already...

    2. Thank you Zer! I commend your patience.

  4. Laurent - I just uploaded this to your server. Enjoy and please post here.

    1. This band really needs a compilation CD of all their splits and comp tracks.

    2. Excellent, thanks a lot again!




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