Monday, October 7, 2013


Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing 1982
Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing 1982
Discharge - Live 1983 1983
Discharge - Never Again 1984
Discharge - Never Again 1984
Discharge - Grave New World 1986
Discharge - Massacre Divine 1991
Discharge - Protest And Survive 1980-1984 1992
Discharge - Shootin' Up The World 1993
Discharge - Discharge 2002
Discharge - Beginning Of The End 2006
Discharge - War Is Hell 2008
Discharge - Disensitise 2009
Various Artists - Discharged 1992
01. Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, 1982 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Clay Records - CLAY LP 3
02. Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, 1982 CD, Album
     Clay Records - CLAY CD 3
     Reissue from 1989
03. Discharge - Live 1983, 1983 Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release
     Not On Label (Discharge) - DIS ONE
     Reissue from 2010 - The Nightmare Continues Live LP
04. Discharge - Never Again, 1984 Vinyl, LP, Compilation
     Clay Records - CLAY LP 12
05. Discharge - Never Again, 1984 CD, Compilation
     Clay Records - CLAY CD 12
     Reissue from 1989
06. Discharge - Grave New World, 1986 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Clay Records - CLAY LP19
07. Discharge - Massacre Divine, 1991 CD, Album
     Clay Records - CLAYCD 110
08. Discharge - Protest And Survive 1980-1984, 1992 CD x 2, Compilation
     Clay Records - CLAYDCD 113
09. Discharge - Shootin' Up The World, 1993 CD, Album
     Clay Records - CLAY CD 118
10. Discharge - Discharge, 2002 CD, Album
     Sanctuary Records - SANCD110
11. Discharge - Beginning Of The End, 2006 CD, Maxi-Single, Enhanced
     Thunk Records - TNKRCD7001
12. Discharge - War Is Hell, 2008 CD, Compilation
     Unrest Records - UNREST CD007
13. Discharge - Disensitise, 2009 CD, Album
     Vile Records (2) - VILE001
14. Various Artists - Discharged, 1992
     Rhythm Vicar - PREACH 001 CD, Compilation
     Contains 16 songs by: S.D.S, Scamp, Extreme Noise Terror, C.F.D.L., Disaster, Raw Noise, Excrement Of War, Nausea, Concrete Sox
Welcome back to the Mother, the soundtrack to the big bang, the price of silence, the possibilities of life's destruction, the holy repost that cannot be delayed any further. Amen.
!ZER Discharge ZER!
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  1. Replies
    1. On the Never Again and Protest And Survive compilations!

    2. Tomorrow belongs to us!!! Thanks for spreading the d-beat gospel, somehow some people doesnt know who Discharge were/are, even the whats the name: crusties, kängpunkare, hardcorefans, etc
      Its like the deathmetalfans not knowing who Entombed is, actual true story. My brother works with people born to late, they dont even know who Entombed or Carcass were/is. Stonerrocker not even heard about Sleep, Fu M, M M , Kyuss.
      Its a frakkin disgrace, the youth of today, Maybe a sign of gettin old when you complain about the music the kids are diggin?

      Speedfreakin D-Beatin wishes from Swedish D-Beat Victim, no not member of the awesome band...

    3. Yeah I know... Even in 1996 I used to play in a black metal band and the singer had never heard Celtic Frost, Venom or Bathory...

  2. Thank you for all you are sharing!
    I've dwonloaded the War Is Hell CD, the Disensitise CD and the various artists - Discharged Cd several times on different days but keep getting the message that the archives are damaged. Could you please look if that's the case? Regards

    1. I'm sorry for this trouble. The file are OK but download can be incomplete due to server impotence (drops the dl before the file is 100% done). I can only recommend to try until it works... I'm looking into another host.

  3. Thank you for checking. It must have been just a few bytes missing from the downloads and it happens more often that a few trials are necessary. It was more difficult this time. Meanwhile i managed to download all 3 titles today in an first try. as for the host: i really like this one, because of it's lack of commercials and captchas, it's minor limitations, downloadspeed and sometimes even the possibility of parallel downloads. The download failures are often just minor setbacks and corrected with a new download. It was just this time that i doubted it would succeed and i'm glad it did.
    Just wanted to let you know that. Regards, and again compliments for your blog and music collection

    1. Thanks. It is true that OpenDrive has many advantages, and I am rather reluctant to convert the whole blog to another platform. I just hope they fix this bug sometime soon.

  4. does your Protest and Survive 2xCD have a booklet? i recently picked up a copy but it's just the discs in one of those fatboy cases, no booklet inside - not sure if it's missing or not. thanks for the uploads as always.




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