Monday, October 21, 2013

Agent Steel

Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse 1985
Agent Steel - Live 1986
Agent Steel - Unstoppable Force 1987
Agent Steel - Swarm Over London 1987
Agent Steel - Omega Conspiracy 1999
Agent Steel - Order Of The Illuminati 2003
Agent Steel - Alienigma 2007
01. Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse, 1985 CD, Reissue
     Century Media - 66009-2
02. Agent Steel - Live 1986, 1986 CD
03. Agent Steel - Unstoppable Force, 1987 CD, Reissue
     Century Media - 9962188
04. Agent Steel - Swarm Over London, 1987 CD, Unofficial Release
     Not On Label - none
05. Agent Steel - Omega Conspiracy, 1999 CD, Album
     Candlelight Records - Candle038CD
06. Agent Steel - Order Of The Illuminati, 2003 CD, Album
     Scarlet - SC 063-2
07. Agent Steel - Alienigma, 2007 CD, Album
     Mascot Records (2) - M 7228 2
Speed metal supergod rezer! In 1985, when the Slayer-Iron Maiden meta conflagration produced Skeptics Apocalypse, eternal bliss descended on the heavy metal masses. The universe is the greatest place. The next album is another gem, while the new albums since the reunion deliver top class heavier thrash with the melodic crunch. Taken by zer!
Still working on the download rupture problem. I might move everything to another hosting service, this will not be done in a minute. Please be zen.
!ZER Agent Steel ZER!
Remove brackets and unzip: [144 zer rising]


  1. Thank you for Agent Steele in lossless!Unstopaaaablle FORCE!
    That's sad about opendrive,but they interrupted for me too,i think i download only 1-2 albums...Nothing from Discharge :( i can't download.I can strongly recommend you files lasts forever (i found one blog where divshare links are 6-7 years old!),some of my uploaded files are 2 years old.Free divshare users don't have upload/download speed limiter,there is 20GB storage and 200MB per file for upload;1 year account is forty bucks+100GB storage-check yourself!
    Please,keep metal music in lossless!!!

  2. switching is a great idea as for many of us opendrive simply doesnt work at all anymore. Any site i frequent for downloads that utilizes opendrive complete as corrupted and un openable files regardless of size (even 6 mb ep's) and opendrive has become a slow dinosaur anyways

  3. Same. Can't download some of the files. I get cut off. Agent Steel. Coroner, etc; Change is in the air...

  4. Yeah, I need to move to a reliable host. Haven't found the good one yet. Mega is not good (too little bandwidth), DivShare lack a decent API...

  5. Please go to nice and reliable

  6. It has been said before, but it's really impossible to download Unstoppable Force. Could you fix it please? Thanks.

    BTW: I think or friend meant
    More often than not, opendrive works just fine for me. Although there are too many exceptions.

  7. It's not only Unstoppable Force. The better part of the downloads would not work properly. Only Swarm over London really worked,
    Skeptics Apocalypse kinda worked but was flagged as corrupt/incomplete when I tried to open it, although the download appeared
    to be ok. At least I could extract 10 out of 11 songs after repairing the archive. All the other downloads cut me off after like 40 - 60
    kb. ^^ Oh boy, this is pretty bad, mkay. Gee, no harm done. Lord Zer will get the job done sooner or later, no doubt about it. Btw... sucks a big donkey kong. I really wouldn't take to that one, although I must admit I have no better proposal to make.
    I can imagine that it is really hard to find a pretty decent and reliable upload service that would really serve all our needs.

    Fingers crossed for that quest, Lord Zer. Your work is higly appreciated over here. Cheers from Germany

  8. Downloaded everything of the early works including the live 86 Swarm etc. New server appears to be working wonderfully,no problems on this end all downloads are perfect and thank you as always for the effort to make them FLAC and best sound possible. You RULE!!!

  9. Please reupload Swarm over London.Thanks!!!




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