Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Crucial Youth

Crucial Youth - The Posi-Machine - 1988
Crucial Youth - A Gig Too Far - 1991
01. Crucial Youth - The Posi-Machine, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     New Red Archives, New Red Archives - NRA02, NRA 02
02. Crucial Youth - A Gig Too Far, 1991 Vinyl 7" EP
     B-Core Disc - B-CORE-5
Who would have thought that what was a joke in 1988 could now pass for actual opinions? Enter Crucial Youth, the best parody of the 80s straight edge HC patronizing mania. Today's SJWs and safe space crew will not get it, but the rest of us can have a good laugh, at least those old enough to remember the value or provocation and artistic offense. Musically, Crucial Youth are competent in their generic rendition of generic HC and even grace us with a cool Agnostic Front cover. It is actually musically close to Sick Of it All and it is actually better than Youth of Today or Bold, but I am biased, I cannot listen to YOT nor Bold. Basic fun HC in the spirit of Stikky, just not as fast, with as many laughs and great riffage from the central repository of rapid punk! Unizersal crucifixion of the old youth of today! Be straight, don't be late, bench your weight, don't !
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!ZER Crucial Youth ZER!


  1. Good stuff Zer, and I couldn't agree more about YOT, Bold, Judge, Insted etc etc.Boring and silly... The irony of a band that can make a mockery of that whole fad, and do it better is quite funny to me

  2. I actually really like YOT, Bold, and other straight edge bands, but this is my favorite satirical hardcore band. Offering a counterpoint that is funny and poignant is crucial (pun intended) for a scene to thrive and grow. No greater stank than stanknation and no self-reflection. You will especially appreciate the non-ironic sounding cover version of "I'm Straight."

    03. Singles Going Straight Digital (almost complete discography),
    04. The Power of Positive Thinking (It Could Just Change Your Life!) 12" (to complete the discography),
    05. Fanous Cheezcake - Easy Answers & Simple Slogans 7" (vocalist's band before CY),

    If you don't shave clean then you're not in the scene!

  3. Thanks Zer. A guy I sort of knew in high school had this LP (I think). Neither of us knew enough about hardcore to know it was in jest; at 14 I thought they were like Raffi or something. I just remember a song about brushing your teeth. I've tried to find it a few times now that there's an internet (jeez I feel old) with no luck. But here it is (unless there would be another... I doubt it). A hardcore band I dig sometimes (and I believe may be joking around) is Cockpunch! If your into it, check out their bandcamp page (I don't know how to do links, sorry). I've got to figure out 4shared to grab some of Brootlyn Zu's hookups too.

  4. Thanks Zer & Brootlyn Zu too!




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