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Sigh - Scorn Defeat - 1993
Sigh - Infidel Art - 1995
Sigh - Ghastly Funeral Theatre - 1997
Sigh - Hail Horror Hail - 1997
Sigh - Scenario IV: Dread Dreams - 1999
Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape - 2001
Sigh - Gallows Gallery - 2005
Sigh - Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien - 2007
Sigh - Scenes From Hell - 2010
Sigh - In Somniphobia - 2012
Sigh - Scorn Defeat 20th Anniversary Gig - 2013
Sigh - Graveward - 2015
Sigh - Heir To Despair - 2018
01. Sigh - Scorn Defeat, 1993 CD Album Reissue
     Hammer Of Damnation - HODCD018
     Reissue from 2011 - 2012 reissue - Includes the six songs Venom tribute
02. Sigh - Infidel Art, 1995 CD Album
     Cacophonous Records - NIHIL 7CD
03. Sigh - Ghastly Funeral Theatre, 1997 CD Mini-Album
     Cacophonous Records - NIHIL 17CD
04. Sigh - Hail Horror Hail, 1997 CD Album
     Cacophonous Records - NIHIL 24CD
05. Sigh - Scenario IV: Dread Dreams, 1999 CD Album
     Cacophonous Records - NIHIL 34CD
06. Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape, 2001 CD Album Reissue Remastered
     The End Records - TE122
     Reissue from 2009
07. Sigh - Gallows Gallery, 2005 CD Album
     Baphomet Records - BAPH 132
08. Sigh - Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien, 2007 CD Album
     The End Records - TE084
09. Sigh - Scenes From Hell, 2010 CD Album
     The End Records - TE141-2
10. Sigh - In Somniphobia, 2012 CD Album
     Candlelight Records Usa - CDL509
11. Sigh - Scorn Defeat 20th Anniversary Gig, 2013 CD Album Limited Edition
     Mort Productions - MORT 081
12. Sigh - Graveward, 2015 CD Album
     Candlelight Records USA - CDL591CD
13. Sigh - Heir To Despair, 2018 CD Album
     Candlelight Records, Spinefarm Records - 2567925507, 2567925507
Requested, zerred - almost a reload. The mastery of Sigh does not weaken after 25 years, their new album is just as amazing as all the previous ones. Weird blackness, plague and beauty, polymorphous invasion of the meat, symphony of sickness, Venom tribulations, the art of sonic expansion: welcome to zer. To make it simple, the dirtier, rawer side of their craft is to be found on the first two releases and on the superb live Scorn Defeat 20th anniversary, while the post-angular, head-scratching, larger-than-the-universe defenestrations shall be found on all the other releases. But sophistication does not mean dilution of the black blood: Sigh is that band that manages to never let go of the roughness of their 80s influences although they have reached the higher end of the musical panorama and psychedelia. If black metal had existed in the 70s, this is what we old thrashosaurs would have heard. Favorite albums? Hard to tell - probably Infidel Art for nostalgia reasons, and In Somniphobia because it rules the universe even more than the rest of their catalog. Nobody sounds like Sigh and Mr Bungle can suck my hair. Truly weird, true awesomeness in the triplazer forever in the EZTT of black edifices!
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!ZER Sigh ZER!


  1. How creepy/awesome that I was looking for this discography just today.

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  3. 04 and 05 are both hail horror hail?

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