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Live tapes: CCM, Carnivore, Indigesti, Negazione, COC, Scream, Excel, Cro-Mags, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Gang Green, Verbal Abuse, Celtic Frost, SNFU, Les Thugs, Le Raton Et Ses Laveurs, Contropotere, Panico, Electro Hippies, Black Flag, Kina, DOA, Colera

01. Electro Hippies - Live (2 songs), 1985
02. Carnivore - Deliver Us To Evil -Live 1985-, 1985 CD Limited Edition Unofficial Release
     Toxic Records, Male Supremacy Records - Toxic 268, none
03. Georges Brassens - Live, 1837 1837
04. Black Flag - Live Subvert, 1983
05. Minor Threat - Live, 1983
06. Carnivore - L'Amours NY 8/27/84, 1984 Cassette Unofficial Release
     Not On Label - none
07. Gang Green - Live (Pacific Palissades), 1985
08. 7 Seconds - Live, 1985
09. SNFU - Live (Pacific Palissades), 1985
10. Minor Threat - Live (Pacific Palissades), 1985
11. Kina - Live, 1985
12. Excel - Live & Demo, 1985
13. C.O.C. - Live, 1985
14. Kina - Live (Montélimar), 1986
15. Verbal Abuse - Live, 1986
16. Negazione - Live (Grenoble), 1986
17. Indigesti - Live (Grenoble), 1986
18. Celtic Frost - Live, 1986
19. C.C.M. - Live (Grenoble), 1986
20. D.O.A. - Live (Grenoble), 1987
21. Carnivore - Live, 1987
22. Le Raton Et Ses Laveurs - Live, 1987
23. Panico - Live, 1987
24. Les Thugs - Live, 1987
25. Negazione - Live (Montélimar), 1987
26. Excel - Live, 1987
27. Celtic Frost - Live, 1987
28. C.C.M. - Live (Montélimar), 1987
29. Colera - Live (Montélimar), 1987
30. Contropotere - Live, 1988
31. Scream - Live (Montélimar), 1988
32. Cro-Mags - Live 1986, 2016 File FLAC Unofficial Release x 16
     Church Of Zer - Zer3
33. Cro-Mags - Live In Germany 1991, 1991 File FLAC Unofficial Release x 12
     Church Of Zer - Zer4
34. Negazione - Live (Torino), 1988
35. Negazione - Live (Paris), 1991
36. Negazione - Live (Eindhoven), 1987
37. Celtic Frost - Live (St-Gallen), 1985
Welcome to the dusty post for the rear guard: here is a batch of live tapes of your favorite 80s punk rock & hardcore. I took the liberty to also include some of the Carnivore, CF, CCM, Verbal Abuse, Indigesti and Negazione live tapes that were previously posted, because I felt like it and because it makes a nice completion since several of these shows took place in the same venue (La Tannerie in Montélimar or Clef De Sol in Grenoble, France). I attended some of these shows (and the bands I used to be a member of opened for two of these: Scream - with Dave Grohl - and Negazione, zer & triplafuckingzer). Negazione posted for free download a long list of complete live shows on their bandcamp page, I am posting here the best sounding ones (they lifted the Montélimar gig from my previous post and added it to the page).
Most of this stuff is purely for nostalgia purposes. The sound quality is generally very rough - audience recordings made with 80s tape decks LOL because no, there was no direct-to-WAV, self-compressing, self-limiting, distortion-eliminating $50 USB mini devices back then. CD was the new hot thing. To make your own live recording, you  had to bring your boombox to the show, or a walkman with a recorder function, and hope 1) you would be allowed to use it 2) nobody would walk or jump on it 3) the audience would not speak too much near the mic. You generally ended up with a super crap tape, but happy.
Hopefully the tapes posted today are above shit quality and mostly distortion free, but still not everyday listening material. I therefore clearly heard my wise lazy self and did not took the pain & the time to name & tag most files. I also did not erase most of the band/audience interactions, sometimes for minutes (those Minor Threat boys sure were very verbose), so you have tracks that are purely crowd blurbs. And I did no do any Eq or compression of any processing of any kind. To complain, please fill 9 copies of the A38 form and mail them to me with your $44.50 processing fee. Then I`ll hire a panel of experts to decide the best course of action in your very favorite top-down democratic way.
Until then, enjoy the noise!
Remove brackets and unzip: [alte schule distortion]
!ZER CCM, Carnivore, Indigesti, Negazione, COC, Scream,  Excel, Cro-Mags, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Gang Green, Verbal Abuse, Celtic Frost, SNFU, Les Thugs, Le Raton Et Ses Laveurs, Contropotere, Panico, Electro Hippies, Black Flag, Kina, DOA, Colera ZER!

PS: Colera link fixed. Sorry!


  1. Did you saw Cólera live? Cool! They're legendary here in my country.

    1. Yes, I saw Cólera and they were full of energy.

    2. That's so cool, and yeah they're VERY good live, sadly their singer Redson passed away some years ago, but the band is still releasing stuff and doing gigs all over the country with a new singer, cheers.

  2. Zer - #29 (Colera) is actually an incomplete duplicate of #21 (Carnivore)

    Thanks for this monumental post.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  3. le black flag, ca vient bien de cette k7???

    1. C'est très possible, mais je n'ai qu'une copie 2e génération sans pochette ni titres.

    2. ok, je vois que l'info est en dessous... bien on l'avait pas celui la, meme si il en manque beaucoup, du concert (manque la 1ere chanson et un certain nombre a la fin)

  4. Euh, moi j'ai rien téléchargé, j'avais déjà tout sur un DD.
    Merci mon Zer... Les K7 ont retrouvé leur sanctuaire.
    P.S.: oui, le Black Flag vient bien de là.

    1. AH! Bien content que le colis soit bien arrivé. Merci pour ce prêt longue durée!

  5. I used to drag in a huge radio shack boom box to shows to record them! always had a spare cassette on me because I would sometimes have to 'give up' the tape in the deck to get in (I wasn't giving them my box)... clubs in Toronto in the '80s... Ildiko's, Larry's Hideaway, El Mocombo (death angel and snapcase played there...) Nostalgia indeed!!

  6. Thank u so much for the live Verbal Abuse!

  7. and thanks also for the other live stuff, cheers




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