Sunday, June 30, 2019

Novelty post: Systematic Death, Ningen Isu, Rose Rose

Systematic Death - Systema-1011 - 2018
Ningen Isu - 新青年 - 2019
Rose Rose - Your Ignorance Is Our Death - 2019
01. Systematic Death - Systema-1011, 2018 CD Compilation
     Fade In Records - FIRC-029
02. Ningen Isu - 新青年, 2019 CD Album, DVD DVD-Video NTSC, All Media Limited Edition Stereo
     Tokuma Japan Communications, Meldac - TKCA-74791, TKCA-74791
03. Rose Rose - Your Ignorance Is Our Death, 2019 CD Album
     Bang The Head Records - BTH65
Zer! The no-zer diet endeth today. Let us restart full zerring operations with a novelty post. I originally intended to make it super large, because there is a ton of new releases from the past year that complete many old posts. But since many of these original posts' links are down, I'd rather repost entire discographies. And anyway this post only featuring Japanese masterpieces makes it more focused.
The old crossover guard is most virulent: Systematic Death and Rose Rose return with two short bombs of thrash that rank among the highest & most enjoyable of their respective releases from the last five years. The older, the nastier. Rage and power! You instantly recognize the two bands, nobody is going into more accessible or more experimental territories. Fast, vicious thrash all the way as you'd expect, just even better than last year! You can't miss these two kicks in the face. In their hard rocking way, Ningen Isu are also back with a super massive load of excellency. I am either too excited by the novelty effect, or it is indeed their best album ever. I do not know yet. All I can say is that Ningen Isu have made it heavier than ever, more catchy then ever and more grandiose than ever. The riffs, the delivery, the groove, the singing, the production, it is all top notch, it is all at 13 on a scale of 1 to 5. It is a perfection of an album if you are into heavy metallic rock with this unique signature. I am almost crying. The DVD that comes with the limited edition is a studio report, the making of the album that can only spark an interest if you speak Japanese. I don't, should have ordered the regular edition. Ningen Isu, Rose Rose, Systematic Death forever triplazer in the zeriverse!!!
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!ZER Ningen Isu, Systematic Death, Rose Rose ZER!


  1. Back with a bang!! When live is dragging you down all you need is a little zeritude. Cheers from Germany R




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