Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Raging Fury

Raging Fury - 激怒荒狂 Gekido Arakure - 1992
Raging Fury - Deal You A Fatal Blow - 1999
Raging Fury - Black Belt - 2013
Raging Fury - Black Belt - 2013
Raging Fury - Grotesque Masked Krusher - 2019
01. Raging Fury - 激怒荒狂 Gekido Arakure, 1992 CD Album Limited Edition Reissue Remastered
     Jackhammer Music, Thrashing Cult Records - RDF-001, TCRC-002
     Reissue from 2016 - with two 2016 bonus tracks
02. Raging Fury - Deal You A Fatal Blow, 1999 CD EP
     Survive Records - TSR-014
03. Raging Fury - Black Belt, 2013 CD Album, CD Compilation
     Spiritual Beast - IUCP-16171
04. Raging Fury - Black Belt, 2013 CD Album, CD Compilation
     Spiritual Beast - IUCP-16171
     From 1986/1993 demos
05. Raging Fury - Grotesque Masked Krusher, 2019 CD Album Stereo
     Jackhammer Music - RDF-002
Thrash til zer! After over three decades of haunting the Japanese underground, Raging Fury are at the top of their game of killer thrash metal. This is not paintball, this is war! Every minute of Raging Fury delivers everything the thrash metal addict wants, needs, craves. While they do not reinvent any established formula, they produce their very own thing with twelve tons of energy per square second. This is pure thrash metal with a melodic approach as in the first Sabbat, Deathrow or Assassin albums, you know, with those early Metallica influences propelled by the turbines of Motörhead. But a more accurate comparison could be made with the most intense bits of Outrage darkened and evilized by the rotörs of G.A.T.E.S., or why not the thrash foundations of Volcano loaded with to the dirt of Forward and Paintbox. The appearance of hardcore bands in this attempt at a list of references should not lead the innocent visitor to think of Raging Fury as a crossover band, they are a pure thrash metal band with a singer who sounds as awesomely Japanese (even in English) as these icons of the punk scene. Raging Fury play compact, catchy, elaborated and sometimes complex, pure thrash metal - no death, no prog, no punk. Perfection and bliss! Ok, I am not sure this lame review does any justice to this incredible band so I'll stop here, too lazy to try again - just download everything and play it louder than everything else! Raging thrashanese triplazering headbanging forever!
NB: FLAC links to the 2002 and 2010 demos are very welcome of course, as well as anything else not appearing in this post.
Remove brackets and unzip: [zer belt]
!ZER Raging Fury ZER!

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