Monday, February 10, 2020

Last Crack

Last Crack - Sinister Funkhouse #17 - 1989
Last Crack - Burning Time - 1991
Last Crack - The Up Rising - 2019
01. Last Crack - Sinister Funkhouse #17, 1989 CD Album
     Far East Metal Syndicate - APCY-8004
02. Last Crack - Burning Time, 1991 CD Album
     Roadrunner Records, Roadrunner Records - RR 9330 2, RR 9330-2
03. Last Crack - The Up Rising, 2019 CD Album
     EMP Label Group - ELGCD71
Zergasm alert! To put it simply, Last Crack is the wet dream of the fan of Mind Over Four and Tool. Chronology actually implies it the other way round: Tool is the wet dream of the fan of MO4 and Last Crack, but never mind. 30 years ago, Last Crack released two masterpieces of advanced hard rock, like a Soundgarden for adult or a parallel dimension of Mind Over Four, and disappeared. Sadness. But a mere 28 years later, they graced us with a super fantastic return, without a wrinkle, in full force, more awesome than ever! The music on all Last Crack album is so wonderful that I can bait with other cult references like Chasm from The Beyond and Ignaurus or Seemless from Into Another. I still can't decide which of the three album is my favorite, they all rule. The newest offering has of course the advantage of surprise and novelty. Like its two illustrious predecessors, it delivers only perfect songs, no filler and a great-yet-not-stupidly-compressed production. Maybe it is their best album. It is infectious while not falling into easy songs and radio prostitution, it is sonic velvet without losing its darkness and grip, the musicians and the singer are at the top of their game as if only 2 years had passed since Burning Time. An absolute killer release! It is soooooooo much better than the newest Tool (which works well as a device for somnolence). Let's hope they are on for another couple of albums before 2050. We want more complex melodies from the metallic rock experts of  the zeriverse!
Of course, FLAC links to the live album and the 93/94 demo CD are more than welcome.
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