Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Shelter - Perfection Of Desire - 1990
Shelter - Quest For Certainty - 1992
Shelter - Attaining The Supreme - 1993
Shelter - Mantra - 1995
Shelter - Beyond Planet Earth - 1997
Shelter - When 20 Summers Pass - 2000
Shelter - The Purpose, The Passion - 2001
Shelter - Eternal - 2006
01. Shelter - Perfection Of Desire, 1990 CD Album
     Revelation Records - Revelation: 16 CD
02. Shelter - Quest For Certainty, 1992 CD Album
     Demilo Records, Equal Vision Records - DM 0007-2, DM 0007-2
03. Shelter - Attaining The Supreme, 1993 CD Album
     Equal Vision Records - EVR 7 , Compilation
     Contains 12 songs by: Unknown Artist, Ravindra Svarupa Dasa, Shelter
04. Shelter - Mantra, 1995 CD Album
     Attic, Roadrunner Records, Supersoul Recordings - RR 8938-2, RR 8938-2, RR 8938-2
05. Shelter - Beyond Planet Earth, 1997 CD Album
     Roadrunner Records, Attic, Supersoul Recordings - RR 8828-2, RR 8828-2, RR 8828-2
06. Shelter - When 20 Summers Pass, 2000 CD Album Enhanced
     Century Media - 77303-2 , Compilation
     Contains 23 songs by: Ray & Porcell, Shelter
07. Shelter - The Purpose, The Passion, 2001 CD Album
     Supersoul Recordings - none
08. Shelter - Eternal, 2006 CD Album
     Good Life Recordings - Goodlife 100
Things I am not a fan of: Krishna and Youth Of Today. However when ex YoT people started to sing in praise of Krishna, I could not help liking it. I still cannot care less about Krishna, I spent 2 hours talking with a colonel or a general of the Montreal Krishna temple a few years ago, it was cordial and funny, and they have nothing more to say than the Muslims, the Christians or any other sect. But this band proves they have much better music (unless you think Trouble play Christian doom metal). So Shelter, if you never heard them, offer a combination of rock, pop and punk rock, a couple of times as raw and fast as your classic NYHC outburst. But mainly it is quiet pop punk rock and it is very pleasing between two war metal albums. Nice choruses, some out of tune vocals with a lot of charm, plain & catchy music all the time, what else do you need to rest the meat? My subjective ranking does not elevate Shelter to the zerness of Quicksand or NoFx, but you may have a better idea of their sound if I mention these dudes. Will praying with Shelter fight off the nasty virus? Stay tuned.
Remove brackets and unzip: [hail zershna]
!ZER Shelter ZER!

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