Thursday, July 9, 2020

Winter + Göden

Winter - Into Darkness - 1990
Winter - Into Darkness / Eternal Frost - 1999
Göden - Beyond Darkness - 2020
01. Winter - Into Darkness, 1990 CD Album
     Future Shock Recordings, Future Shock Recordings - FSCD 8000, FSCD8000
02. Winter - Into Darkness / Eternal Frost, 1999 CD Compilation
     Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast - NB 446-2, 27361 6446-2
03. Göden - Beyond Darkness, 2020 CD Album Stereo
     Svart Records - SVART222CD
The Church was born 12 years ago today. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY shout all zerists around the globe and beyond. To celebrate, we must pay homage and submit to the eternal domination of the essence of heavy. It took 30 years to have a follow-up to one of 1990's best releases. Into Darkness did set a standard in the activity of crushing with decibels. It was like the most dense Celtic Frost sections extended and reworked to black hole levels. A better mix with guitars more upfront could have elevated this classic to Cathedral stardom. Now if you have not died in the interval, this is what you get in 2020: perfect sound production to chisel the most perfect doom conflagration you can dig out of any mass grave. Göden is the new moniker for the same task: flattening everything that moves, and everything that is already still. The Göden album is the most prefect machine of doom, the most monstrous release in the genre. Both killer albums from With The Dead cannot compete, together or separately - this is how floored I am. We've only been through half of that shit year, but I already know that the Göden album shall sit on the throne of my 2020 Top 10. Even that über killer Triptykon live release is no match, it will have to sit on position 2 or 3 of the Top 10, for Göden outdoes Celtic Frostykon in its own art of the mega-riff. On top of its ultra power as a groovy funeral doom panzer, Göden makes infectious songs that your neuron will chew on between two spins. Yes, catchy funerals exist, try it. Perfection of the mass death! Mastery of the black matter! Drink and dive into the blissful bottomless tar pits! Only Göden could provide the right soundtrack for the 12th year of existence of this blog. Funeral doom for the end of the world of 2020! Göden rules the zeriverse!

12 years of ZerRRRRrrRRRRrRrR!RRr!rR!rr!RR!RR!Rr!R!rrR!RrR!RR!!!
For the occasion, in case it was not clear, let us reiterate the sincere message of love from the Church: fuck the right, fuck the left, fuck the state with a radioactive jackhammer. Fuck all statists, fuck conservatives, fuck liberals, fuck minarchists, fuck socialists, fuck democrats, fuck all supporters of lockdowns and mandatory fofial diftanfing - you bunch of fascistic zombies, you glowing team of marxist apes, you extinguishers of civilization, you pathetic worms! THE CHURCH WISHES YOU A SLOW, HORRIBLE DEATH

Remove brackets and unzip: [eternal zer]
!ZER Winter, Göden ZER!


  1. Congratz and keep up the Ztruggle, dammit!
    Oh, Winter fucken rulez.

  2. Very grateful for the Church! New discoveries and forgotten gems, I love it! And big thanks for FLAC.

  3. How they grow so fast, one of this days is asking to get out at night with friends.
    Thank you for all!
    All hail Tinnitus! 🤘 🍻

  4. Thank you for existing! Happy Zerday \m/ \m/

  5. Congrats on 12yrs. I look forward to all The Church of Zer has to offer. Fight the Zer Fight.

  6. Hey, zer, I don't remember when I discover the church, but, since then, I'm a faithful acolyte. Thanks for all these years, and may the cult continue.

  7. I frequent your blog since the days you posted 192 kbps rips :D
    Congrats man, ooopps i mean, ZER!!!!
    And I subscribe 100%, fuck right, left, center, up & down, no one will never tell me what to do.
    cheers !

  8. Finally got around to listening that Göden, nice stuff but not zuper imprezzed by it. I think I prefer new kid upstarts like Jupiterian when it comes to soul-crushing DOOM, or the realest of the real, the kultest of the kult when it comes to slow death metal, Incantation of course! I recently listened to a couple of their nineties LPs again, god damns so fucking heavy so fucking good. To think I inocculated my brain with Incantation's festering soiunds at the tender age of 17... I'm proud of my teenage me!




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