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demo/reh., 1985 NEW UPLOAD
yeah, everything's great!, 1986
drop-out melodies from the boulevard of broken strings, 1988
corrupted track 4 (side A) from "drop out melodies" UPDATE

Heibel was (and still is) one of the very best Belgian hardcore/metal bands I heard. Their crossover mixes the first 2 Corrosion of Conformity records with Septic Death at the speed of Ripcord, with the panache of Ludichrist and the dark melodic side of Crowd of Isolated. On the second album, they insist on the metal riffing and at the same time become more melodic and complex (with a different singer), makes me think of Scream and Hüsker Dü doing the 2nd Ludichrist. Heibel display incredible musical competences and maturity, both records are full of amazing solos and tight arrangements. Catchy and powerful TOP NOTCH SPEEDCORE ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! R!R!R!R !!!!!!!!!!R !RR!R!R !R!RR!! !! !
Vinyl rip.

Yeah! Everything's great! :
1. It Has No Value For Me
2. Fuck Your Propaganda
3. Can't You See What's Happening
4. Zwembroeken Thrash
5. School
6. Puberstrijd
7. We Are Against You
8. Apartheid
9. Forget It
10. Gninraw
11. Time to Change
12. Who's the Terrorist
13. Now You're a Big Boy
14. Live Your Own Life
15. Slave
(I just noticed I forgot to split 3 songs, so in the rar you have 13 mp3s with the 15 songs, zorry).

(sorry for the flash!)

Drop-Out Melodies From The Boulevard Of Broken Strings:
1. I Wanna Work
2. Not My Life
3. Oh Violetta
4. Strange Edge
5. Media Manipulate System n°1
6. TGV (Thrash á Grande Vitesse)
7. My Debbie Harry Picture
8. Bottle Not Battle
9. Big Business
10. Filled With Emptiness
11. Who Are We
12. Poor Dog
13. Mu!
14. Alras onstand the opstanding van het vlees

1000 mercis à Flitox pour l'upload de la démo 85 !!! ZEEEERRRRRR!R!R!R!R!RR!!!!RRRR!!

And then they became Triptych and played stoner rock, but I never heard. Links ?
Heibel on MySpace

Oh yes, let me now check if I can find my Capital Scum records.


  1. halalala, mon ami, si tu savais!!!!!!! depeche toi d'aller sur slsk et de choper le rehearsal de 85!!
    le 1er album, c'est du chantal goya a coté et ca risque de faire ZERRRRRRRRR!!!!RRRRRRRR!!!RRRRR!!! dans ta tete apres lol

  2. zer ! j'en ai l'eau à la bouche ! mais je ne fais pas de p2p... possible de charger cette démo sur un mediafire ?

  3. Yop c'est partis

    13 titres, 192kbps mp3

    (ca ne marche pas le copier coller dans cette boite????!!!!)

  4. Merci Laurent,
    encore des disques que j'aie plus et merci flitox pour la demo.
    Jean marc

  5. Long time ago that I heard this. But great.

  6. Hey guys,
    nice to see there are still people who like the Heibel albums.Heibel split in 1990 and reformed as Triptych with only the 3 Reynders brothers untill 1998. Later on in 2003, 2 of them started the band Cabron (later joined by the third brother who allready left again).
    Cabron is still up and running (working on new material since I'm flat on my back with a hernia),you'll find them on www.myspace/com/cabronbelgium
    No hardcore but feel free to check it out anyway :)
    Any people who still are looking for the first album or have heibel recordings, can always contact me at :
    Take care,
    Jo Reynders (drummer Heibel/Triptych/Cabron)

  7. Hello Jo!
    Thanks a lot for all this info (and all this GREAT MUSIC!!!!). All the best to Cabron! Excellent stuff!

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  9. Thanks for this but it seems A track 11 from Drop out is corrupt. Can u fix this?

  10. thanks for the quick fix zer!

  11. Facebook page :
    Heibel will do a 1 time only reunion concert at "Den Akker in Rillaar (Belgium, joining bands like Raw Power, Indigesti, The Stupids (among others)on 16 october 2016!




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