Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review and Zer

Zer! The Eisenvater aftershock being processed, here is a quick review about recent records or simply stuff I've listened to a lot these past weeks, zer'em all.
EVENT OF THE YEAR! On Sunday we attended the Amebix show. AMAZING ! Rocking harder than ever after 25 years, zer !!!! Best old-timer show since the GBH show last year !!! Old British punks rule !!! What does NOT rule is this totally boring trend of the past decade to put 4 or 5 opening bands on the bill. Promoters fail to notice that 2 or 3 bands give a better and more enjoyable show than this unzer walmartization of live events:
quantity =/= quality, quantity =/= fun. Zer ? Zer.

Speaking of legends, let's turn up the celebrity knob a tiny bit and enjoy the new Black Sabbath "the devil you know", ah yes ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Fans of the Dio era will freak out, this is a great album.

Let's remain in the radio hard rock camp with a return to mighty bubonic adolescence via the Swiss AC/DC clone, ie. Krokus. I've been addicted since 1982 and their 2004 double-live is a groove fest of solid rock!! Bang your ZER to disc1, disc 2. Everyone needs some cheese.

Back to the real world with the Fearless Iranians From Hell demo "peace through power". Unlimited ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to Michelle from Salmagundi Syncopation for uploading this gem!!! More FIFH.

Hardcore with class ? I mean, real hardcore like we meant it in the 80s and not this sub-heavy metal breakdown-infested adolescent crap ? YESSSSSS!!!! Enjoy the 3rd Paint It Black album new lexicon. This is a BOMB of TRUE HARDCORE with over the top arrangements and AWESOME melodies through the raw and fast - yet controlled - thrashing rampage. INSTANT CLASSIC ALERT! I got it in 3 days for a ridiculous price from Jade tree and SO SHOULD YOU! MEGAZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

In the grindcore department, my new BRICK ON THE HEAD is the pulverizing Arson Project (too short) CD blood and locusts. Zer zer ZERRRRRRR!!!!!!!! TFD x Phobia !!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRIND!!!!

Still grinding but with more blood and detached body parts, General Surgery blew me away with their new generic-yet-ultra-killer-early-Carcass-mimic of an album Corpus In Extremis - Analyzing Necroticism, a bombastic follow-up to their previous "left hand pathology" masterpiece. Non-stop grinding death metal and thick crust of ZERRRRRREST proportions in constant rotation in my playlist!!! Groove to your bulldozing death! Don't forget you will die! Most probably in a lot of pain, and in debt.

The return of thrashing crrrrrrrust death machine legends Extreme Noise Terror with the enormously blistering new record the law of retaliation made the past 4 or 5 weeks a torrid boot camp for my eardrums. This album is the perfect storm of a mix of early, classic crusty grinding ENT from the Chaos UK split/Phonophobia/Peel Sessions era with the super fast death metal oriented neck breaking attack of "being and nothing". EXTREME NOISE ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Features songs from recent splits (Trap Them and Driller Killer).
Buy and smile!

Let's try also this bit of dirty and aggressive crustcore with the newest album "born into this" by Bombstrike. Into evil, depressing crust ? Buy this weapon!

Discharge are back with the new album disensitise. Great stuff, yet the 2002 album was much better!!

Anyway, the gold medal goes to bloody Rattus!!! Their 2 latest albums from 2005 and 2007 have not left my playlist for the past 2 months, we do have here total classics of groove thrash and addictive punk-rock-and-metal with unbelievable hooks and locomotive beats. Bang your head and rebang your head! ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Zer, I haven't heard one second of post-85 Metallica, this is great. Ah: fuck you Guns'n'Roses. $1 Million/song for this piece of chinese democrashit ? Fuck you Guns'n'Roses. Give me a thousandth of the budget and I'll make 92 real albums.

Last but not least, you know that evil is bad and that porn will destroy your life. Here are 10 AMAZING videos to proove it!
Now play a Distortion X or Khanate record and enjoy your evening!


  1. I agree 100% on what you said about ARSON PROJECT! brilliant record!
    the only point to complain would be it's a CD only release.

  2. Hey Papst. It ain´t a cd only release anymore!!
    Be patient ;-)




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