Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brutal Truth

Demo, 1990 (new & better rip from the bootleg 12")
Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses, 1992
Perpetual Conversion mcd, 1992
Need To Control (CD), 1994
Need To Control (vinyl 5"/6"/7"/8"/9" box set), 1994
Split 7" with S.O.B., 1995
Kill Trend Suicide mcd, 1996
In These Black Days, A Tribute To Black Sabbath (cf Volume 2 - split with Converge), 1997
Brutal Truth / Rupture split picture 7", 1997
Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom, 1997
Machine Parts 7", 1998
Drugged Encore (live), 1993/1998
Goodbye Cruel World! Live & more, 1998 (both CDs in one fat rar)
MDC tribute Split 7" with Violent Society, 1999
For Drug Crazed Grindfreaks Only! (Live at Noctum Studios), 2000
Live in Montreal, 2006
Split 7" with Narcosis & Total Fucking Destruction, 2007
Evolution Through Revolution, 2009
Evolution In One Take (live), 2009
Live in Québec, 2009
Choice Of A New Generation - tribute to Brutal Truth, 2000


The Eternal Zer Top 10 has many things of first necessity like Eisenvater and Die You Bastard!, and of course a very large wagon for the undisputed kings of terminal grindcore BRUTAL TRUTH!!!!!!! I just spent two days listening exclusively to BT (ah non, I also had some Massacre and Pungent Stench, sorry for the lie), so I felt like posting a bit of their discography. BT have been awesome from day one and have always remained at the top. A unique style, a mastery of dynamics, a merciless execution (watch them throw a 90 minutes performance in your general direction and pick up your jaw), and the best people I've ever had the pleasure to play shows with. There are grinding bands as fast/killer like Rotten Sound or Sayyadina, but to me BT offer just one inch more of class and head-carving variations. UNBELIEVABLE!!!


CD rip and vinyl rip of

Demo 1990:
01.Birth of ignorance
02.Stench of profit
04.Consumer mentality

Need To Control vinyl box set:
A Turn Face
B Media Blitz Vocals - Mike Williams [THE GERMS]
C Displacement
E1 Godplayer
E2 Choice Of A New Generation
F1 Bite The Hand
F2 I See Red
G1 Black Door Mine Vocals - Bill Yurkiewicz
G2 Mainliner
G3 Brain Trust
H1 Dethroned Emperor [CELTIC FROST]
H2 Painted Clowns
I1 Collapse
I2 Judgement
J1 Ordinary Madness
J2 Wish You Were Here (Now Go Away) [PINK FLOYD]

Compare to the Need To Control CD:
1 Collapse 5:03
2 Black Door Mine 1:41 Vocals Bill Exit 13 Yurkiewicz
3 Turn Face 1:30
4 Godplayer 4:06
5 I See Red 2:50
6 Ironlung 4:22
7 Bite The Hand 2:06
8 Ordinary Madness 5:05
9 Media Blitz 0:55 (The Germs) Vocals Mike Eyehategod Williams
10 Judgement 2:35
11 Brain Trust 2:43
12 Choice Of A New Generation 1:59
13 Mainliner 2:19
14 Displacement 4:15
15 Crawlspace

Split 7" with S.O.B.:
S.O.B. + Brutal Truth:
A1 Brutal Truth - Repeat At Length [S.O.B.]
A2 Brutal Truth - Let's Go Beach [S.O.B.]
A3 Brutal Truth - Not Me [S.O.B.]
A4 Brutal Truth - Spare Change
B1 S.O.B. - Give Me Advice
B2 S.O.B. - Let's Go Beach
B3 S.O.B. - Fuck Or Die
B4 S.O.B. - Thrash Night
B5 S.O.B. - S.O.B.
B6 S.O.B. - Deceiver [Napalm Death]

Split 7" tribute to MDC:
Brutal Truth:
A Born To Die
Violent Society:
B1 Henrykissmyassinger
B2 I Remember
B3 My Family Is A Little Weird

Machine Parts 7":
Spare Change
Machine Parts
Collateral Damage (Live At Faces, R.I.)
Collateral Damage (Live At GWillikers, N.J.)
Collateral Damage (Live At Milwaukee Metalfest)
Collateral Damage (Live At GWillikers)
Collateral Damage (Live In Baltimore)
Kill Trend Suicide
NB: I was stoned and did not slice all the songs so you get only 4 mp3s, but the whole ep is in there, don't squeak. Anyway it's all on the Goodbye Cruel World CD too, so wtf.

Choice of a new generation tribute:
1 No Rest For The Dead - Fisting / Godplayer
2 Birdflesh - Anti-Homophobe
3 R.U.R. - I See Red
4 Chapel Of Gristle - Collapse
5 Caveman - Blockhead
6 Suzuki Kid - Homesick
7 Eruption - Dead Smart
8 Daemon - K.A.P.
9 Likm'nreet - Monetary Gain
10 Nervochaos - Turn Face
11 Autodidact - Ironlung
12 Malevolence - Walking Corpse
13 Zaza Musi - Stench Of Profit
14 D-River - Birth Of Ignorance
15 Stasis - Brain Trust / Blue World
16 Caveman - Collateral Damage
17 Monolith - Choice Of A New Generation
18 Schizoid - Dementia
19 Necreous - Painted Clowns
20 Violent Inmates - Zombie
21 Demisor - Denial Of Existence
22 Zaza Musi - Blind Leading The Blind
23 Birdflesh - Consumer Mentality
24 Caveman - Callous
25 Insanity - Displacement
26 D-River - Walking Corpse
27 Groinchurn - Kill Trend Suicide
28 Renegade - Choice Of A New Generation
29 xCoalition Against Shanex - The Brutal Truth About Dan
(tracks 30-34 are only available as download, but I don't remember where from)

Goodbye Cruel World says:
1.01 to 1.22 recorded live at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney, Australia in August 1998.
1.23 was recorded at Smoke, Grind and Sleep sometime in 1997. Hidden song We Will Rock You starts at 16:56.

2.01 to 2.04 originally appeared as bonus tracks on the Japanese pressing of Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom.
2.05 originally appeared as bonus track on the Japanese pressing of Kill Trend Suicide.
2.06 to 2.10 originally appeared on the Machine Parts + 4 7" EP.
2.11 to 2.12 were recorded somewhere in 1993 and no one remembers much else about them, including the name of track 12.
2.13 was recorded in Melbourne, Australia at the Corner Hotel in either 1998 or 1996.
2.14 to 2.23 recorded September 18, 1998 at the Powerstation in Auckland, New Zealand (Brutal Truth's second to last show ever) by some naughty bootlegger.
2.24 to 2.28 recorded at Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan on February 12, 1998.
2.29 was recorded at Muse Hall, Kyoto, Japan on February 13, 1998.
2.30 was recorded at On Air West, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan on February 16, 1998.
2.31 was recorded during a live performance over the airwaves of WFMU in New Jersey, USA on August 29, 1996.
2.32 to 2.33 were recorded at Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan on February 20, 1995.

Split 7" with Narcosis and Total Fucking Destruction:
A1 Brutal Truth - Everflow
A2 Brutal Truth - Sympathy Kiss
B1 Narcosis - Ode To A Worthless Fucking Piece Of Shit
B2 Narcosis - A Nod, A Wink And A Pain Filled Smile
B3 Narcosis - A Work Related Killing Spree
B4 Total Fucking Destruction - Let The Children Name Themselves

Drugged Encore live LP:
A1 K.A.P.
A2 Dead Smart
A3 Blind Leading The Blind
A4 Let's Go To War
A5 Choice Of A New Generation
A6 Walking Corpse
A7 Fisting
A8 Homesick
A9 Stench Of Profit
A10 Jemenez Cricket
A11 Untitled
B1 Birth Of Ignorance
B2 Stench of Prophet
B3 Wilt
B4 Collateral Damage
B5 Regression Progression
B6 S.O.B. Cover Song
B7 H.O.P.E.
B8 Monetary Gain
B9 Perpetual Conversion
B10 Unjust Compromise
yes Side A is exactly the same recording as on the live @ Noctum Studios / For Grind Freaks Only. Side B is not.

Track list on both live in Mtl 2006 and in Qc 2009 : too lazy to make it, figure it our yourself and post it in the comments. Zer. Live Mtl 2006 is the complete show from which were taken the 2 songs on the split 7" with Narcosis and TFD, recorded by myself. Live Qc 2009 recorded by Seb, mastered here.

I have a few new / unplayed copies left of the Narcosis/TFD split 7", $5 + shipping (-> l a u r e n t [at] c h u r c h o f z e r [dot] com, remove blanks and do other things with the brackets content).
We consume so much Japanese noise that the current tragedy there is all the more aggravated when you read unbelievable shit like that:


  1. As for the Japan comments you posted:

    People never disappoint, do they?

    RE: BT

    Haven't seen them in 20 years. Time sure flies.

  2. I'm still stunned, such imbeciles are able to use a computer ? Fantastic.

    BT today are even crazier than 20 years ago!

  3. Brutal Truth (and Total Fucking Destruction too) should be illegal. My eardrums cannot follow.

  4. Les brèves de comptoir sans le vin blanc (ou les Deschiens sans Gibolin), c'est moins marrant…
    On peut se rassurer en pensant qu'il vont sucer des pastilles d'iode à s'en étouffer.


    Ps : merci pour ce blog et pour Roger Mag (Remember 'L'homme qui Valéry Giscard d'Estaing et les poumons'zine ou à peu près ?)
    Ps2 : l'extrait d'Idiocracy me rappelle un certain 'Tournez manège'… A quand ton retour ? Et quel T-shirt mettras-tu ?

  5. J'ai même pas tout lu les commentaires des caves. Déprimant. La vérité est butale,c'est pourquoi tous les humains y rêvent mais sont incapable de la prendre. Amen et Bonne journée!

  6. Greatest BT post!!!...About all those idiots writing all this bullshit about tragedy in Japan...Well,they have to be gringos...Pearl Harbour?...What about what theyre doing in Afganistan or Irak?...Or all the atrocities their goverment have managed to do in all the world???...What about all the northamerican natives and the slavery???...So mucho for this retarded yankees...

  7. The remarks are too moronic to be taken serious, the situation's not.
    I also appreciated the mathematicians of the apocalypse.

  8. L'homme qui Valéry Giscard d'Estaing et les poumons ! Zer ! Grands souvenirs en parallèle successive de Possessed By Speed, Les faux fils de thrash bourrent, Rock Fort, Poulet Basquaise, Extra Jazz, L'annuaire de l'Ardèche... D'ailleurs tu me dois un exam de maths à Sciences Po.
    Bon, pour tournez manège, j'attends la confirmation du véliplanchiste de substitution.

  9. Brutal Truth is good, but I don't care for all the marijuana business. It's no good for you.

  10. :-))))
    Well done Anonymous, we have a winner. But there will never be any Youth Of Today on this blog.

  11. I should hope not. YOT sucks!

    And I admire your passion for music.

  12. Wow, that's idiotic. This is one of the moment when i feel ashamed to be human.

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