Saturday, March 26, 2011

Extreme Noise Terror

Extreme Noise Terror / Chaos UK - Earslaughter, 1986
A Holocaust in Your Head, 1989
Peel Sessions, 1987/1990 Sessions 1 & 3
Grind Madness at the BBC, 1987/1990 The 3 Peel Sessions remastered
Discharged: From Home Front to War Front, 1991
Discharged, 1992
Phonophobia, 1992
Retro-bution, 1995
Damage 381, 1997
Being and Nothing, 2001
Extreme Noise Terror / Driller Killer, 2007
Law of Retaliation, 2009
Phil Vane, singer of E.N.T., passed away last month at 46. We will continue to enjoy his torture vocals though the immense legacy of Extreme Noise Terror, masters of all things crust, grind and death. I initially bought the Earslaughter split as a Chaos UK fan, but once I had heard the E.N.T. side, I had a much broader, drooling smile. E.N.T. brought the early crust thrash sound of Discharge | Terveet Kädet | Rattus | Mob 47 | Ratos De Porao to new levels of abrasion and speed. The Peel Sessions (with Mick Harris of Napalm Death on drums) and Phonophobia are landmark crustgrindcore monsters!! Their insane aggression is the Rolls Royce of the genre, and they even excelled at death metal with the amazing Damage 381 (with Barney from Napalm Death on vocals) and the head crushing Being And Nothing - one pulverizing exercise in super fast death metal. The Law Of retaliation combines both styles, with an emphasis on thrashing crust mania. ACH! EXTREME NOISE TERROR FOREVER ZERRRRR!R!R! !RR! !R !R!R !R!R !RRRRRRRRRRRRR !RR! !R R!R R! !R!RR!RR !!RR ! ! ! ! !RR!R!R! ! !R!R!RR!R !R ! ! !RR! !
CD rip. Phile Vane RIP.

E.N.T. Website
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Discharge tribute - Discharged:
1 Extreme Noise Terror - No T.V. Sketch 1:33
2 Extreme Noise Terror - Religion Instigates 1:42
3 Extreme Noise Terror - They Declare It 1:12
4 Concrete Sox - Death Dealers 1:56
5 Concrete Sox - Is This To Be 1:21
6 Disaster - Mania For Conquest 1:22
7 Excrement Of War - Tomorrow Belongs To Us 1:41
8 Raw Noise - A Look At Tomorrow 2:04
9 Raw Noise - Always Restrictions 1:23
10 Nausea - Hear Nothing, See Nothing 1:37
11 S.D.S - Doomsday 2:39
12 S.D.S - Why? 1:09
13 Scamp - Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles 1:06
14 Scamp - Free Speech For The Dumb 2:18
15 C.F.U.D.L - Does The System Work 1:11
16 C.F.U.D.L - Ain't No Feeble Bastard 1:30

Discharge tribute - Discharged: From Home Front to War Front mini CD
Track 1 by Nausea
Track 2 by Final Conflict
Track 3 by Neurosis
Track 4 by 411
Track 5 by Extreme Noise Terror
1. Intro / Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing / Ain't No Feeble Bastard
2. A Look At Tomorrow
3. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
4. State Violence State Control
5. You Take Part In Creating This System


  1. fuck. "Favored above kings and emperors is the stillborn child." - Mark Twain (Extreme Word Terror)


  2. I used to really love ENT in the early 1990s and then became bored with them. After Phil died, I pulled out all the old LPs and did a re-evaluation. To my surprise, it kicked my ass once again. Nice post. Kids, go buy the records. They sound better on vinyl.

  3. Peel Sessions
    Being & Nothing

  4.'s great to have digitalized versions of almost all my E.N.T.-vinyl now! but is there a possibility that you could upload a rip of the original head eruption/stylusfucker-vinyl of the 'A Holocaust...'-lp?! that'd be great since i searched nearly the whole internet for it & all i find is this awful and lame cd-version.... cheers!

  5. Yeah but sorry, my Holocaust LP is on another continent... should nor be too difficvlt to get from another blog, send us a link when you find it. Cheers!

  6. ...well, actually it definately seems to be impossible - that's why i wrote the comment above, haha! if there's any vinyl-rip it's always the one distortion once released and which is just the vinylized cd-version - argh! if i'd be lucky one day, i'll post the link right here - c.r.u.s.t.!




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