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Who Killed Dove 7", 1985
Last Chaos, 1987 (1994 reissue)
The Door Of The End 12", 1998
Death Of Nuclear Arms 7", 1998
Release From Agony split 7" with Artimus Pyle, 2001
Neurotic Organization 7", 2001
A Sacrifice For The Vicious Dominant And Bloodsheded Justice 7", 2005
Bloody Tear, 2006
The Beating Of The Wings Of Destruction, 2007
Crow + See You In Hell split CD, 2009
Flock Of Beast 7", 2009
Vertigo 7", 2010
Mega armaggeddon zer!!! Totally classic Japanese thrashgasm!!! Raging for over 25 years, these dudes deliver what the combined efforts of Discharge, Amebix and GISM could produce on a radioactive day. In the 90s they incorporated more metal riffs of the Celtic Frost sort, fuck yeah! When hungry for some heavy greasy crusty before-Hellshock punk metal tartine, summon the Crow at maximum volume.
Jet-set note: for a few years now the drum duties have been handled by the nuclear monster from the living gods Die You Bastard!, serious beating in the air! FUCKING AWESOME METALCRUST OVERKILL CULT OF ZERRRRRrrRRrrrRRrRRrRRrR!R!R !R R! rR R!R!R r R!R!R !rRr! !R!R! R!R rR RRRR rr rRrrR RR !!!!!!!!!!! R!!R ! ! !R! !! ! R r R !R! R !R !R!Rr R!R!RR! !!!!!!!!!!!!! rRR! !! !R !R!RR!R!R ! !
CD rip (Wings of Destruction + split w/See You In Hell) and vinyl rip:
I don't own the Who Killed Dove? 7" nor the Bloodsheded Justice 7", these two rips come from an internet. Can't fix them if anything is wrong, but they do sound great. Don't own the 1995 12" EP either, rip upload very welcome (3 of the songs are on the Last Chaos LP anyway).

Last Chaos:
A1 Anarchy Chaos destruction
A2 War
A3 Crow
A4 No Violence
A5 Give Up All Hope
A6 The Day Of Annihilation
A7 Last Chaos
B1 Storms Of Despair
B2 Is This Fiction?
B3 Hiroshima Nagasaki
B4 For Fucking State
B5 Give Peace A Chance
B6 Air Attack
B7 Last Chaos

Bloody Tear :
A1 闘争 -Anarchy Chaos Destruction II-
A2 絶叫
A3 滅亡
A4 Give Up All Hope
A5 終焉の扉
B1 混沌神
B2 The Death Is Singing With Wind
B3 血涙 -No Justice I-
B4 Slaughter Of Nationally -No Justice II-

Who Killed Dove 7":
A1 Crow
A2 Good-Bye Song
B1 Last Chaos
B2 Who Killed Dove?

The Door Of The End 12":
A1 終焉の扉 The Door Of the End
A2 My Last Dream
B Scapegoat

Death Of Nuclear Arms 7":
A 混沌神 〜 Death Of Nuclear Arms
B1 At Last Coming
B2 Into The Void

Release From Agony split 7":
A1 Crow - Blind (Crucifix cover)
A2 Crow - Hate God, Hate War
B1 Artimus Pyle - Peace? Death And Destruction!
B2 Artimus Pyle - ...And All That Remains Is The Sorrow
B3 Artimus Pyle - Buried Alive

Neurotic Organization 7":
A1 Children Lost The Bright Future
A2 Dark, Grief, Anger ... And Dark
B1 Sanctuary ~No Gods No Masters~ (Amebix cover)
B2 Disorganization

The Beating Of The Wings Of Destruction: I ripped the CD instead of the picture disc. The 5 songs are bundled in the 2 tracks that reflect the vinyl sides and I was too lazy to separate the songs so you get 2 mp3s with:
Track 1:
The Beating Of The Wings Of Destruction
Track 2:
Funeral Bell
Whispering Mirror
Last Chaos

Flock Of Beast 7":
A 獣ノ群レ [Flock Of Beast I]
B 獣ノ群レ [Flock Of Beast II]

Vertigo 7":
A 眩暈
AA 占領下日本

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  1. A greatest band zeeerrr!!!...Crow rules!!!...Thanx for this Zer,been looking for this for a long time!!!...Zeeeeeeerrrrrr!!!




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