Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christmas in May : new Artillery + new Rotten Sound

Artillery - My Blood, 2011 (digi edition w/2 bonus)
Rotten Sound - Cursed, 2011
The postman is one of my favorite human beings, look what he brought me today. The Danish kings of thrash metal return with My Blood, great follow-up to the 2009 super powered When Death Comes. I still have to listen to it a couple dozen times more to have a real opinion. My Blood sounds excellent, and even if it does not seem to match When Death Comes, it provokes a great amount of headbanging and air guitar. Fist in the air!!
Now Rotten Sound's Cursed... Holy shit. Only 2 spins confirm it's nothing less than a grinding MONSTER full of merciless crust and sludge. I think I already like it more than Cycles. Fuck yeah! It's mean, it's fast, it's dark, it's a murder, it's awesome, it's Christmas.
CD rip.

Buy My Blood and all Artillery masterpieces
Buy Cursed and more Rotten Sound bulldozers

All Artillery
All Rotten Sound
Too old, too cold ? Aaaah kids today... and their modern garbage with so many atrocious sections - the "emo" parts scream SHOOT ME IN THE KNEE, SHOOT ME IN THE KNEE!! Get the barf bag ready:

Nice makeup, but the vocalist ought to schedule an appointment with the nearest veterinarian. Listen to Artillery and Rotten Sound and learn the usage of a throat without the disgraceful vomit inducing auto-tune.
Ah shit.

But yes! Only 3 more weeks before the official return of the kings:

Et puisque c'est Noël, la rédaction de Roger Mag, le seul magazine qui, offre à la populace en transes une exhumation de ses archives qui sentent bon. Aujourd'hui, voici le numéro 1 de Roger Mag, initialement publié en septembre 1988. Pour ceci dont qu'est-ce qu'il est question, opérez un cliquement de rongeur électrique sur sa couverture ci-slip afin de le lire avec des yeux au plat:

Et encore merci à Stéphane pour le logo !


  1. Whoa, Design the Skyline! Can't say I want to hear more of that. Sounded like they were trying to cram a dozen different bands into one song. Seriously, if they went on and played that live how would they follow it up? It's so over the top ridiculous they have left themselves nowhere to go but fucking little emo shit heads will lap it up regardless.

  2. I like both records Zer...And i agree with you,Rotten Sound CD is greatest!!...Zeeeeeerrrrr!!!

  3. Did you hear the rest of the new Morbid's really terrible...listen to it before you buy it if you are expected a return to the good old days...

  4. argh noooo, don't ruin my excitement... I have not heard the rest of it...




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