Monday, May 16, 2011

Fudge Tunnel

Hate Songs In E Minor, 1991
Fudgecake (The Fudge Tunnel 7" + The Sweet Sound Of Excess 12"), 1989/1990 (1992 reissue)
Teeth mcd, 1992
Creep Diets, 1992
The Complicated Futility of Ignorance, 1994
In A Word, 1994
Fudge Tunnel had the great idea to surface at a time when I was spending my days rotating between the Rollins Band, the Melvins and Distortion X. Louder than loud abrasive sludge rock to make your spinal chord crack, that was the idea - never too heavy! Discovering the Sweet Sound of Excess and Hate Songs In E Minor was then a major win. At least something really heavy to pursue the sonic tasks of Big Black and their peers, which to me always lacked something menacing in their sound. I don't know which record is my favorite here, but it's not Creep Diets, the only FT release I find dull and flacid. The rest is golden crushing rocking tar by the mighty distorted decibel!
Then FT split up and there was Nailbomb, a FT | Sepultura joint venture of the S.O.D. | Ministry sort (not to be published here because I didn't dig it and sold the cds years ago). FUDGE ALL TUNNELS ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R R rRr R r r R rr r rR RrR r r r R! !R !R ! !R!R!R R !R !! !!RR!R !! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip.

Fudgecake compiles:
Tracks 1-4: originally released as The Fudge Tunnel EP 7" (PIG2) recorded at Frontier Studios, Nottingham.
Tracks 5-8: originally released as The Sweet Sound Of Excess 12" (12PIG4) recorded at Frontier Studios, Nottingham.

In A Word compiles:
Tracks 1-3 were recorded for John Peel's radio show in 1990.
Track 4 was recorded as part of the 'Sweet Sound Of Excess' session.
Track 5-6 were recorded live in New York in 1993 in front of about 300 Americans who didn't pay to get in.
Tracks 7-10 were recorded for Peel in 1992.
Tracks 11-13 were recorded at the Dynamo Fest in Holland in front of 36,000 people. We shit our pants but had a fun day.

In 1991, my good old friend Yves and I attended a Fudge Tunnel show in Germany: as of today, this is still one of the loudest and heaviest live experience I enjoyed, only topped (skull-fracturing-decibel-wise) by Khanate in 2002 (Khanate in Quebec City RHAAAAAAHHHHHHRHHRHHRRRRRHGHHHH! ! ! ! ! ! !). It was an amazing show of legendary magnitude, we were floored so we both bought the same long-sleeve Fudge Tunnel shirts, and the week after we were wearing them when we were featured in that TV show:

Oui, la blague est maintenant usée, c'est au moins le 34e repost de ces vidéos, jlefréplupromis. Mais c'est le 20e lundi de l'année, ça se fête, plus que 32 et on change de slip. (Le lundi, je fais du riz. Le mardi, je ponds des truies. Le mercredi, y'a du salami. Le jeudi, je range mon ski. Le vendredi, on inspecte des fourmis. Le samedi, poil au salsifi. Le dimanche, je me gratte le manche.)++ while (!mort);


  1. le chimpanzé en haut c'est .....lui ? Tu sais Zer, la preuve vient d'être faite que j'avais tort quand je disais que ceux qui ont du blé se font s.... en masse ! Désolée de t'avoir induit en erreur, toi qui est depuis à la recherche de ton million. à moins que ce soit l,exception qui confirme la règle ! C'est vrai qu'il aurait pu penser qu'il aurait été au pays des shérifs !

    Merci ça fait du bien d'en parler.

  2. Si ce n'est toi, c'est donc ton frère qui ravit les hôtes de ces bois par son chant de camembert.
    Naître ou ne pas naître, en tant que tel.

  3. merci pour l'explication, tout s'éclaire !!!




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