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Money Chain 7", 1984
Depression LP, 1985
Australia, Australia 12", 1985
The Reactor Records years CD, 1982/1984/1985 (2008 reissue)
Australia And More (split 12" w/Gash), 1984/1985/1986
Big Brother 7", 1986
Thrash Til Death, 1988 (new rip)
Semi repost alert! Here are the new things to complete the 2008 publication of Depression material: the two 7" (which I downloaded from another blog but forgot which one, sorry dude, but thanks), finally a rip of the first album and the split with Gash (but not the Gash side yet), the marvelous CD reissue and a better rip of the fantastic Thrash Til Death LP. The 1982/1984 stuff is very UK punk sounding, while Australia, Australia is an amazing metalli-vitaminic complement to your Broken Bones | Permanent Damage collection. Thrash Til Death is still the awesome raw metal attack with massive early Accüsed input | late Attitude Adjustment input. Classic Ultra Hard Core Mega Heavy Punk Metal Thrash ZERRRRRRRRR R R R RRRRRRRRRRRrr RRr r R r RR!R !R !R !R! ! !! !RRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R!R !! ! !R ! !R!R ! ! ! !R!!!!
Link to the live album?
CD rip and vinyl rip:

Depression LP:
A1 Geneva Convention
A2 Pilled Out
A3 Man Death Destruction
A4 Big Business
A5 M.X. Warhead
A6 Breath Of Death
A7 They Wouldn't
A8 What A Strange World
A9 When You're Young
A10 Their War, Your Death
A11 Religion
A12 I'm So Bored
A13 More Of Us. Less Of Them
B1 Universal Product Code
B2 Time Bomb
B3 No Escape From The System
B4 Work All Day
B5 Grown Up Strange
B6 Time Freeze
B7 School Kids
B8 I Hate Yobbos
B9 Nightmoves, Countdown, Sounds
B10 Big Chief
B11 Brainless Conformists
B12 Money Chain
B13 Noise

Australia And More:
A1 Depression (2) – Geneva Convention
A2 Depression (2) – Money Chain
A3 Depression (2) – Time Bomb
A4 Depression (2) – No Escape
A5 Depression (2) – Australia Australia
A6 Depression (2) – Social Tension
A7 Depression (2) – T.V. Lies
A8 Depression (2) – The Plan
A9 Depression (2) – The Box
A10 Depression (2) – Eternal Genocide
A11 Depression (2) – Dirty Fucken USA
A12 Depression (2) – Copper Chopper
A13 Depression (2) – This Side Up
A14 Depression (2) – Civilization Of Destruction

Tracks A1 to A4 taken from the "Depression" LP 1985, recorded in August 1984 @ Platinum Studio and remixed in September 1984 @ York St. Studio.
Tracks A5 to A13 taken from the "Australia Australia" 12"EP 1985, recorded on May 5th, 1985 @ Richmond Records.
Track A14 recorded on January 2nd, 1986 @ Hardcore House.

Thrash Til Death LP:
A1 Money
A2 Civilisation Of Destruction
A3 Freedom And War
A4 Filthy Trash
A5 Have A Look Around
A6 Instrumental
A7 Fifty Bucks
B1 Masters Of The Universe
B2 Pagan Rites
B3 Kill For Christ
B4 Out Of Touch
B5 Spiritual Warrior

Australia, Australia 12":
This Side
A1 Australia, Australia
A2 Social Tension
A3 T.V. Lies
A4 The Plan
That Side
B1 The Box
B2 Eternal Genocide
B3 Dirty Fucken U.S.A.
B4 Copper Chopper
B5 This Side Up

The CD compiles:
40 tracks from the debut 7" 'Money Chain', the 'Depression' LP and the 'Australia Australia' 12" and 3 previously Unreleased 1982 Demos!!!

La rédaction stimule la satisfaction des désirs archéologiques des opto-lecteurs potentiels de Roger Mag, le seul magazine qui. Ceux qui sont encore réveillés peuvent en effet cliquer outre mesure l'assemblée de bits ci-dessous afin de relire le numéro 2 de novembre 1988 dont plusieurs informations peuvent vous avoir échappé :


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