Saturday, March 9, 2013

Complements: Gastunk, Concrete Sox, Bathory, The Accüsed, The Exploited, NoNoYesNo, Stealth, Septic Death

Bathory - Demo (Split Venom) 1984
Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next 1985
The Accüsed - Split 7'' Morphius 1989
Haywire - Split 7'' Haywire 1990
Stealth - Death Of The Brains 1995
Septic Death - Crossed Out Twice 1982/1999
The Exploited - Live In Japan 1993
Gastunk - Counter-Clock Wise 1988
Gastunk - Deadman's Face 2010
01. Bathory - Demo (Split Venom), 1984 LP
     Only the Bathory side of the Venom/Bathory bootleg
02. Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next, 1985 LP
     Children Of The Revolution Records - GURT 10
03. The Accüsed - Split 7'' Morphius, 1989 Split 7''
     Empty Records - MT-81
04. Haywire - Split 7'' Haywire, 1990 Split 7''
     Big Store Records - BST 025
05. Stealth - Death Of The Brains, 1995 MCD
06. Septic Death - Crossed Out Twice, 1982/1999 CD
     Pusmort - Sour 16-D, Compilation
07. The Exploited - Live In Japan, 1993 CD
     Dojo Limited - DOJO CD 109
08. Gastunk - Counter-Clock Wise, 1988 MCD
     SS Recordings - SS-308
09. Gastunk - Deadman's Face, 2010 MCD
     Savanna Kitchen
Last minute findings in my cellar that belong to previous posts, and a healthy Septic Death compilation loaded by Igor (thanks again).


demo with a couple of unreleased tracks, the roots of black metal in all their glory. Bang your head! Comes from a bootleg with Venom on the other side, which should be available on another blog in a not too extended future.

Concrete Sox

the classic 1985 (not 1986 !) album reripped in its entirety (a song was missing from the last post, I cheated and used an old CD rip). Message from Vic: "Your Turn Next is from 1985 (I wrote it). We recorded this album between November/December 1984. It was released May 1985.
I am the founder member/guitarist/manager of Concrete Sox. The new line-up will tour from June 8th 2013...
Vic Timoveric (Concrete Sox)...
Help the bands you love by buying the albums! Your Turn Next + Whoops Sorry Vicar 2012 re-releases at
Coloured vinyl or CD with unreleased rare/bonus tracks (chosen/edited by me)..."
Cheers! BTW, do not miss the extra demos and live downloads from the CS website, amazing!

The Accüsed/Morphius

excellent 7" with Brutality & Corruption from the Accüsed (same version as on Hymns, I think).


NoNoYesNo cover Judas Priest's Breaking The Law, Haywire cover Black Sabbath's Symptom Of The Universe, bang your head again!


other amazing hip hop disc by Bad Brains's Darryl Jennifer project, extra great!

Septic Death

another discography compilation, the return of the darkness and evil!

The Exploited

how could I forget this one... zer and violence with a Japanese crowd!


the 1988 ep from the ultra classic Mother album and its incredible hard rock, and the new mini 2010 album, which I do hope is only the vanguard of more releases. Listen to Gastunk everyday and stay alive forever.
!ZER Everybody ZER!
Remove brackets and unzip: [vitaminizer]

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