Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Flag Of Democracy

Flag Of Democracy - Shatter Your Day 1986
Flag Of Democracy - Shatter Your Day-Remaster 2013 1986/2013
Flag Of Democracy - Shatter Your Day-Remaster 2013 Bonus Tracks 1986/2013
Flag Of Democracy - 23 1988
Flag Of Democracy - Down With People 1990
Flag Of Democracy - Schneller! 1993
Flag Of Democracy - Hate Rock 1994
Flag Of Democracy - Everything Sucks 1996
Flag Of Democracy - Fodworld 2002
Flag Of Democracy - Home Lobotomy Kit 2010
01. Flag Of Democracy - Shatter Your Day, 1986 LP
     Wetspots Records - WETLP002
02. Flag Of Democracy - Shatter Your Day-Remaster 2013, 1986/2013 CD
     SRA Records - SRA 015
03. Flag Of Democracy - Shatter Your Day-Remaster 2013 Bonus Tracks, 1986/2013 CD
     SRA Records - SRA 015, Compilation
     1-8: Chinese Food Tape EP 1982, 9-14: Love Songs EP 1983, 15-16: Get Off My Back comp 1983, 17: Flipside comp 1984, 18: 5 Bands That Have Changed The World comp 1987, 19-24: Rejected version of the Love Songs EP 1983, 25: Boombox Recording 1983, 26-39: Live On WXPN 1986
04. Flag Of Democracy - 23, 1988 CD
     Buy Our Records - BORE 8902/CD
05. Flag Of Democracy - Down With People, 1990 CD
     Bitzcore - EFA 01662
06. Flag Of Democracy - Schneller!, 1993 LP
     Bitzcore - BC 01681-08
07. Flag Of Democracy - Hate Rock, 1994 CD
     Bitzcore - 1698
08. Flag Of Democracy - Everything Sucks, 1996 CD
     Bitzcore - 1704
09. Flag Of Democracy - Fodworld, 2002 CD
     Gate To Hell Records - GTH 001
10. Flag Of Democracy - Home Lobotomy Kit, 2010 CD
     Motherbox - MB55
Aaaah yes democracy! Don't push it too hard or you'll get a headache. Now, if you're a brainless slice of bacon, you're very welcome aboard. Zorro 0, anal cunt 1. This is too irritating to comprehend, I'll give up now and just play very loud some - or all - F.O.D. because F.O.D. have ruled too modestly for decades. They're fast and ferocious and noisy and catchy like great old Adrenalin OD with that male-version-of-NoFx touch. Some updated DKs too. All albums are killer, especially the first and last. They write amazing songs, they release amazing albums and not enough people praise them. They could be Japanese. They rip just like The Futures. F.O.D. rule! Vote for F.O.D.!
The split 7" with Ninefinger is here.
!ZER Flag Of Democracy ZER!
Remove brackets and unzip: [23 zer schneller!]


  1. This is exactly what my summer needed!!! Thank you!!!

  2. YET another band i almost forgot !

    "we don't rock for light,
    krishna, jah or christ,
    won't force my beliefs down your throat,
    i don't feel i've got the right, NO !

    follow me and be freeeeeeeeeeeeee
    follow me and belieeeeeeeeeeeeeve... "

    i have cold beers for you in my fridge here in roma,
    thank you very much - as ever !

  3. thanks very much. but some files i have to download a few times until it works, the dl always broke up. down with people i try for the fifth time to dl, this time it stopped at 112 mb

    cheers kc

    1. I am sorry, this is a recurrent problem I have no take on... You have to try until it works.

  4. Oh powerful and benevolent Zer. Would you see fit to re-up some of these mighty classics? Particularly #'s 02, 03 & 04? I would be ever so grateful.

    I beg to remain, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant,

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