Thursday, June 11, 2015


Warhead - Never Give Up - 2011
Warhead - Warhead - 2014
01. Warhead - Never Give Up, 2011 CD Compilation, DVD
     Blood Sucker Records - BSR-107
02. Warhead - Warhead, 2014 CD Album
     Blood Sucker Records - BSR-115
At last! 21 years later, Warhead finally release another album. Of course, there were all the EPs, but was it enough to satisfy our craving for deadly Japanese thrash intensity? Of course not. So, yes, this new album is a monstrous killing machine in the best Japcore tradition. It is already a classic. It may even be rawer and faster than their previous material, like a really pissed off Raw Power | Gauze radioactive mutant. "May" because I just got it and have not listened to it enough to issue a definitive case study, but it is so good I wanted to post it ASAP. Fucking buy it now!
And then there is also this amazing Never Give Up compilation with all the EPs (except This World Of Confusion, but since I am such a nice person, you get a free reload here, say merci).
Break your neck on punk's boiling point!
Remove brackets and unzip: [zerhead]
!ZER Warhead ZER!

Am I the only one too think of the new Mad Max as an awfully boring piece of rotten horse manure?
On the scale of Prometheus, it gets 100%. Go on, Crappywood, please continue to ruin all the classics.


  1. Thanks for including the David Friedman post. A majority of one is always a majority. Superior numbers do not constitute semblance of inherent judgment. In 2015 the faithful require to be brick-walled by focused misanthropy, lest they wander beyond livestock gates into reality. Congress-critters, dysfunctional mouthpieces of collective egos, chasing visions of global prison, orgasm on mental barbed-wire, as the breath of reality descends upon unshielded neck. A prison within a prison is a prison. Meanwhile in Southpark, Cartman nails up a sign that reads, "Screw you guys, I'm going home."

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  2. The so called Mad Max 4 is a boring piece of rotten horse manure?
    You can say that a hundred times over! It's even worse. The one time I went to the movies this year and I sat that 2 hour long videoclip out with braincramps and the mantra "I need to get out of here. I hope it's gonna be over soon. Fucking Blockbuster Horseshitwood. Never gonna go to the Movies again after this."
    I really can't understand how everybody else is so crazy about this one.
    All except for one review across the net are positive and how great and new everything in this movie is, how good the actors are and how the not even paper-thin-stupid-dumbass-story makes some kind of sense and so on. They even found some socio-philosophacical underpinnings and how much character the near-mute hollow shells called Actors transport in Mad Mario Cart 4. Hello? Have I been in the wrong film? Story? Acting? Pile of…, ah we already had that.

    I'm a huge Fan of the old movies, even "Beyond Thunderdome" had a lot of appeal for me, though people tend to not like that one very much. Here you had real characters one could relate to, proper storylines, dialogues that contained moor than grunts and 3 word pseudosentences and all that in less than two hours. Those films never bored me and I can still watch them over and over again.

    As you said, with this Pfooey Road thingy George Miller ruined the franchise forever.

    And now that everyone's so happy about this great movie, you know what to expect from the next ActionActionAction-Buckblaster coming out of Jollygood.

    Ach, ja.

    Aside that, thanks for Warhead! Mmmh I loves me some good Japthrash.

    1. Well said! I was afraid of becoming the grumpy old fart who never likes any movie.
      Whaaaat, somebody found some "philosophy" in Crap Max??
      Fuck Bowelwood deep and wide!
      Still 18 months until we can watch Iron Sky 2.




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