Sunday, October 11, 2015

Die Kreuzen

Die Kreuzen - Die Kreuzen - 1984 01. Die Kreuzen - Die Kreuzen, 1984 Vinyl LP Album
     Touch And Go, Touch And Go - T&GLP #4, T&G LP 4
NRAR. Our friend Laurent rightfully compared early Voïvod and Die Kreuzen and yes, there is a neighboring vibe. Let us use this vinyl rip to run a comparison test. One of the very best hardcore albums of all time!
Remove brackets and unzip: [zer and decay]
!ZER Die Kreuzen ZER!
PS: the next post will start the removal of Voïvod entries. Grab them while you can.


  1. Argh quel album ! je crois qu'à chaque fois que j'ai acheté les suivants c'était en espérant qqch dans la veine de celui-là. Tout est bon, le son de la basse, la bastoche incroyable, la gratte malsaine et cette voix.

  2. One of my all-time favorite records. Like a turd I traded my vinyl away when cd's came along, and all the rest of their stuff. I had just missed seeing their late '85 tour with D.R.I., but finally caught them when they returned to Florida for their last tour after Cement ('91 or early '92).

    I think this stuff still burns away much of its modern day competition. I work at a high school and most of the students think My Chemical Romance is still amazeballs, and bad-ass as fuck with their haughty poses. I am not allowed to mock their Pierce The Veil mall t-shirts as they move through the halls between classes. At least there is one kid with a Despised Icon hoodie, but he stared stupidly at me when I asked him about Napalm Death the other day, so I doubt I will be asking him about Die Kreuzen. Argh. They have no idea how lame their whiny, "You don't love /understand me" teen angstpop has always been and yet I am the lame one because I wear a button shirt and slacks per my work dress code (although I secretly wear the new Levi's that look kinda like chinos yet are still denim jeans. FUCK YOU ESTABLISHMENT FASCISTS!!).

    I want to throw this out there to any kiddies watching:

    Pretty much anyone with the cash can and will get a tattoo these days. It doesn't make you bad or tough or whatever the hell you think Avenged Sevenfold are; they didn't get those in prison or the Marine Corps or while wasted and in possession of ink and sewing needles. I have suspicions about bands that go from formation to platinum record/multi-city tour status within a few short years.

    Anyway, back to the topic. October File was also pretty good in a decidedly different way; certainly didn't seem to go over well with folks who saw the show I missed in '85, but I like it. Not on a Zer-level, obviously.

    1. Yeah buy a tattoo, grow bad facial hair and act as if you were a Son Of Anarchy while listening to bad deathcore, yo!

      I am not surprised that a pseudo-death/grindcore loving kid doe snot know shit about ND. I used to play in a black metal band in 96 and the singer had never heard of Celtic Frost. I quit.

      October File becomes great once the surprise of not getting nailed against the wall of noise is swallowed.




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