Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ted Nugent, The Amboy Dukes

Ted Nugent, The Amboy Dukes - Survival Of The Fittest - Live - 1971
Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent - 1975
Ted Nugent - Free-For-All - 1976
Ted Nugent - 2 Originals Of Ted Nugent - 1977
Ted Nugent - 2 Originals Of Ted Nugent - 1977
Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever - 1977
Ted Nugent - Weekend Warriors - 1978
Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo! - 1978
Ted Nugent - State Of Shock - 1979
Ted Nugent - Scream Dream - 1980
Ted Nugent - Intensities In 10 Cities - 1981
Ted Nugent - Nugent - 1982
01. Ted Nugent, The Amboy Dukes - Survival Of The Fittest - Live, 1971 Vinyl LP Album
     Polydor - 2425.033
02. Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent, 1975 Vinyl LP Album
     Epic - KE 33692
03. Ted Nugent - Free-For-All, 1976 CD Album Reissue
     Epic, Legacy - EK 65913, EK 65913
     Reissue from 1999
04. Ted Nugent - 2 Originals Of Ted Nugent, 1977 Vinyl LP Compilation x 2
     Discreet - DIS 69 202
     Call Of The Wild
05. Ted Nugent - 2 Originals Of Ted Nugent, 1977 Vinyl LP Compilation x 2
     Discreet - DIS 69 202
     Tooth, Fang & Claw
06. Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever, 1977 Vinyl LP Album
     Epic - PE 34700
07. Ted Nugent - Weekend Warriors, 1978 Vinyl LP Album
     Epic - FE 35551
08. Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo!, 1978 Vinyl LP Album x 2
     Epic - EPC 88282
09. Ted Nugent - State Of Shock, 1979 Vinyl LP Album
     Epic - FE 36000
10. Ted Nugent - Scream Dream, 1980 Vinyl LP Album
     Epic - XFE 36404
11. Ted Nugent - Intensities In 10 Cities, 1981 Vinyl LP Album
     Epic - FE 37084
12. Ted Nugent - Nugent, 1982 Vinyl LP Album
     Atlantic - 50898
The essence of guitar heroism, the sweat, blood and smiles! His 80s stuff was becoming less exciting while the explosion of speed metal and punk made my young self less interested in keeping tabs with the older hard rock, but but but all that 70s output is still very burning hot. Rock until you drop!
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!ZER Ted Nugent, The Amboy Dukes ZER!


  1. Thanks for the "2 Originals Of Ted Nugent", they rock so much more than the 1975 solo album.
    The "Call Of The Wild" and "Tooth, Fang & Claw" albums are the perfect; and part of the proto-metal bridge from The Who, to KISS and Montrose, to Riot ("Rock City").

  2. wow...8 peeps think this music sucks?....I can understand personally not liking the Nuge, for obvious reasons, because I can't stand him either....but his 70's musical output is undeniably solid....thanks for posting these Zer...

  3. I expected even worse than that! I now wait for the outrage regarding things like that.

  4. I respect Zer for his willingness to embrace controversy. I respect each person's opinion to like or dislike what they want for their own reasons. I don't have a musical problem with his "guitar heroism," but his odious gassbag persona has ruined it for me. I deleted him from my library years ago. Ted promised us that if Obama were reelected in 2012 that he, Ted, would end up either "dead or in jail." Still waiting, Ted. Still waiting.

    1. Indeed, big mouths everywhere. We<re still waiting for the post-Trump mass exodus of US "liberals" to Canada.
      This post was not about provocation (although I knew it would trigger many readers, as the awful-meter confirms), I genuinely enjoy Nugent's early records too much to care about his character, which anyway I do not find any more offensive than many, many other musicians with opposite political opinions. See RATM's imbecilic endorsement of Castro or Che Guevara. I still listen to RATM.
      If I had to fine tune my music tastes to the musicians' personas, I'd have to discard 98% of my collection. Soooo many complete morons make amazing music...

  5. ZER thank you for this. Great old music, great guitarist.
    Libertards hate Ted, he must do it something right.




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