Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rollins Band

Do It, 1988 track 7 (UPDATE)
Life Time, 1988
Hard Volume, 1989
Kick Out The Jam
Turned On (Live in Austria), 1990
The End Of Silence, 1991
Heny Rollins & the Hard-Ons - Let There Be Rock, 1991
Being Obscene (Live @ St Andrews Hall, Detroit, 17/04/92), 1992
Electro Convulsive Therapy (Live at City Garden, Trenton, New Jersey on August 22, 1992), 1993
Weight, 1994
Come In And Burn, 1997
Insert Band Here (Live in Australia 1990), 1999
Get Some Go Again, 2000
Nice, 2001

Yesterday was the day. Henry Garfield was on stage in Montreal for an almost 3 hours long speech - without a second of pause nor a single glass of water! It was as interesting as hilarious, the man is a fantastic speaker and adresses a variety of subjects that range from Sarah Palin to the Bad Brains. You really should go listen to Henry Rollins if his current "Frequent Flyer" tour stops in your area, it's well worth an entire evening.
I'm not a fan of Black Flag so I'll post here some Rollins Band recordings. This music - especially the ultra intense 87/93 era - is heavier than metal. It is HARD rock!!! This stuff ripssssss your screaming skeleton!!! Big ass twisted heavy and evil shit as in Bl'ast! wrestling the Stooges and MC5 at a doom show. I can't say which one I like the most from the 5 or 6 first records, probably "The End Of Silence", "Lifetime" and all the live records. And the Hard-Ons mcd is a must too. Fucking fuck!!!
CD rip except vinyl rip of

Hard Volume:
What Have I Got
I Feel Like This
Planet Joe
Love Song
Turned Inside Out
Down And Away

Turned On:
Lonely 4:59
Do It 2:55
What Have I Got 5:42
Tearing 5:08
Out There 11:37
You Didn't Need 5:26
Hard 4:20
Followed Around 2:46
Mask / Down And Away 7:44
Turned Inside Out 6:57
The Dietmar Song 2:28
Black And White 3:31
What Do You Do 6:29
Crazy Lover 4:44

S.O.A. things up sooner or later. Zer.


  1. Everything up to and including End Of Silence is awesome. Don't care much for the later stuff. Rollins spoken word is great. Seen him 6 times. But I don't know how you can't be a fan of Black Flag!

  2. track no 07 on 'Do It' is corrupted

    evrything else works.

    Great stuff, but I also don't understand what's wrong with Black Flag.

  3. Nothing wrong with Black Flag! Nothing wrong with anything :-) I love the "Damage" album, but that's it, the rest just does not work as well for me. I'm more into bands that emulate their sound like Bl'ast!

  4. Actually ELECTRO CONVULSIVE THERAPY was originally only released in Japan but not a Live in Japan performance.

  5. Zer, i can't believe you left off Rollins first, and absolute best solo material, the Henrietta Collins and the Wife Beating Child Haters ep and the Hot Animal Machine LP!!!! Let me know if you need a CD rip of those.


  6. Several tracks are on other records and I don't own them, but YES! if you can upload a CD rip, thanks in advance!
    My favorite are The End Of Silence and Life Time, even if these are not "the best" :-)




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