Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Broken Bones

Complete Singles, 1983/1986
Live At 100 Club, 1984
Dem Bones + Decapitated, 1984
F.O.A.D. + Bonecrusher, 1985/1987
Bonecrusher, 1985
Losing Control, 1989
Trader In Death, 1990
Stitched Up, 1991
Without Conscience, 2001
Time For Anger, Not Justice, 2004 Track 12
It's been snowing all day. Let's listen to Broken Bones, zerRRRrRRRRrRrrrRR!!!!! The USA have DRI, the UK has Broken Bones (and Canada has Beyond Possession). God save the Queen. But Broken Bones did invent the hardcore/metal crossover, chronologically. I still remember a Dem Bones review that went something like "if you enjoy Venom and Accept, you'll like Broken Bones" (because back then, you were a race traitor if you dared playing metal riffs with a punk band, and vice versa), and of course no bit of Accept nor Venom can be found here. Instead it's what Discharge should have evolved into (instead of the Grave New World disaster), but the good metal ideas went with the "Bones brothers".
Anyway, shut me up and listen to this prototype collection of the template of crossover. I couldn't say what I like best. Of course the mythic-classic-legendary Dem Bones sits on top, anyway all the 80s era is totally great and full of classic songs that never leave your head. Trader In Death is a demonstration in crossover, it's fast and mean, while Stitched Up and Losing Control are pure mid-tempo groovy-heavy-thrash metal heaven. Then there are the last two amazing album, especially Without Conscience, their darkest monument. And soon they hit the 3 Decades of Thrash mark...


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Trader In Death:
1. Money, Pleasure & Pain
2. Who Cares About the Cost?
3. Stabbed in the Back (Still Bleeding)
4. Booze for Free
5. Crack Attack
6. Trader In Death
7. Blue Life

Stitched Up:
1. Stitched Up
2. The Fix
3. Propaganda
4. Wasted Nation
5. Forget It
6. In Fear
7. Gotta Get Away
8. Bring 'em Down
9. Limited Greed
10. Sick World

Attention, attention, this is complicated:
The singles collection CD collects... the 80s singles: Decapitated 7", Crucifix 7", Seeing Thru My Eyes 10", Never Say Die 12" and a few tracks from Dem Bones.
This Dem Bones version is the single CD with the entire Dem Bones LP plus the Decapitated compilation as bonus (which features the Decapitated and Crucifix singles plus tracks from the Seeing Thru My Eyes and Never Say Die mini LPs).
This Bonecrusher version is the CD featuring the original Bonecrusher LP (which is actually the Seeing Thru My Eyes mini LP plus 5 songs), plus 8 bonus tracks from Dem Bones and F.O.A.D.
This version of F.O.A.D. is the 24 tracks CD with the original album (studio and live sides) plus the Bonecrusher songs that were not on Seeing Thru My Eyes and comp / Never Say Die tracks.
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  1. Yeeaaaahhhhhh, I remember F.O.A.D. was one of my first punk experiences in those metal days in the 80s. After S.O.D., D.R.I. and Suicidal Tendencies, we metalheads were prepaired for more punk, and I think someone from Anthrax wore a BB T-Shirt and said in a Metal Hammer interview that they're great. Or something like that. Don't remember exactly. Anywayy, after that, immediately, you could see people with mohawks and G.B.H. t-shirts at metalshows. And moshing and stagediving became fashion. Ahhhhhh those crossover days were fun...

  2. Connais pas les plus rescents chu encore crocheter sur F.O.A.D. trop bon....

  3. track 12 in Time For Anger, Not Justice is corrupted

  4. Ach....broken bones....good old times. On the punk side, GBH and Discharge, made more for crossover toward metal. But this is just my opinion. Slayer (haunting the Chapel) Exodus (bonded by blood) were my first metal side experiences.




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