Thursday, April 1, 2010


Satan's Gift (Riders Of Doom + The Lord Of Death demo), 1986
Raging Steel (+ Eternal Death demo), 1987
Deception Ignored, 1988 (FIXED)
Life Beyond, 1992
More mega zer 80s German thrash metal! Just underneath the spotlight that was all set on Destruction|Kreator|Sodom|Tankard, the 80s thrasher could find his next fix with even more incredible bands like Protector, Assassin, Living Death and zer, Deathrow. The 4 albums here range from excellent to totally amazing. The first two are a super powered mix of Kreator and Destruction, yet my favorite are the last 2 and especially "Life Beyond" - a total monster of fantastic technical thrash that no Sadus and Assassin fan will miss. Metal thrashing zerrrR!RrR!!
CD rip

Riders Of Doom:
1. Winds of Death 01:24
2. Satan's Gift 04:13
3. Riders of Doom 05:12
4. Hell's Ascent 05:57
5. Spider Attack 05:58
6. Slaughtered 04:07
7. Violent Omen 04:49
8. Dark Tales 04:06
9. Samhain 06:25

The Lord Of Death:
1. Hell's Ascent 05:33
2. Samhain 06:50
3. Riders of Doom 05:03

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  1. Deathrow - Deception Ignored this album released with 8 tracks not 7

  2. Zer
    Amazing page!!! Keep on going. Great bands and great and awesome music!!!! Cheers from the Caribbean!!!

  3. Thanks!

    And thanks for the notice, I fixed the rar, the 8th song is in now. Sorry about that.

  4. I've seen them in 1987 with Voivod and Possessed and I'm gonna see them again next Friday cause they're back REUNION 2010 ZERRRRR!!!!!

  5. merci bien ! je ne connaissais pas life beyond...

  6. Je vous en prie. Trop bon cet album!

    So Hardy how was the Deathrow gig? I am pretty awfully jealous!

  7. It hasn't been yet. It's next Friday (09. Apr 2010). They play with Church of Misery
    and Magma rise

  8. BIG SSSHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!! Deathrow Gig was canceled. I've no further information....Sucks Man!!!

  9. Ah fuck, that's awful! Sorry for you!

  10. The show was canceled because the number of sold tickets was too small...seems like fucking stupid metal kids of today don't appreciate good metal any more...Damn it!

  11. Can't believe it! It reminds me of a Cro-Mags show in 2000, half the crowd (the baggy pants and wooden necklaces boys) left after the fuckin' Earth Crisis opening set.

  12. Oh dear, Earth Crisis, that's ridiculous. One of those insignificant cloned poser bands which all sound exactly the same. I tried to listen to them on myspace a few times, but everytime, before I fall asleep, i have to close the window. I can't even listen to a hole song because they're so boring. Sometimes I think those 'gangster' kids listen to these bands only because they're young, I can't imagine that it's possible to like that shit.

    On the other hand, in 2008, there was a Cro-Mags gig near my city (unfortunately I didn't have time to go there), and I was told it was sold out. The same with a Gang Green concert in 2007. Don't understand those rules, sometimes the old magic works, sometimes it doesn't...

    Anyway, in July, I'm gonna see the Cro-Mags because they will be here. And in May, D.O.A. and the Angry Samoans. And Slime. Plus many more :-)

  13. Yeah Earth Crisis... what a pile of crap. It was so much fun to light up a big joint at one of their shows and have all the audience stare at us with tough hostility.
    Which version of the Cro-Mags is around these days ? Enjoy!!
    I saw Exciter (Beehler version, AMAZING!) in November, almost empty room... then Municipal Waste a couple of weeks later was packed... Must be the power of marketing.

  14. I think it should be John Joseph, Macky, A.J. Novello, and I don't know about Craig Setari, I was told S.O.I.A. have a new album...
    Exciter, awesome band, remember them very well from the 80's, sad that so few people know them.
    Municipal Waste, they're not bad, but I don't understand the hype around them.

    By the way: In two weeks Victim's Family will play here, thanks to your post from 2008 I am convinced that I HAVE to go there, didn't know them before. Your blog is AWESOME and easily my favorite one in the hole net. Brings back so much memories. I knew from the first moment that your taste of music is almost the same as mine and that you are the same age.

  15. WHAT! Victims Family! Let us know how the show is. It's always been an incredible experience. Last time I saw them was in '92... I do hope they'll grace us with a visit in Canada. I saw their guitarist 2 weeks ago playing in the Guantanamo School Of Medicine. SUch an outstanding musician!
    Never too late to know about great music. Thanks for the kind words!
    Yeah we must match in the number of years... I bought my first record in 1980, zerrrrrr... Still I enjoy the early Municpal Waste, before the caricature started to wear out, 2 or 3 albums would have been enough, now it tastes like an overdose. Like too much cheesecake...

  16. Hmmm, 1980, I was 11 years old then, so you must have been very early or you 're a bit older than me. My first Heavy Metal 'record' was an original cassette of Iron Maiden's Peace of Mind, I think it was in 1984. My first vinyl was Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers in the same year. I had other records before, but not really Metal or Punk, only things like Billy Idol or Neue Deutsche Welle things like Trio :-)
    I didn't listen to hardcore/punk before S.O.D. and D.R.I. started that crossover thing, before I was a pure metal headbanger, Slayer, Metallica, Kreator, Destruction and Sodom was my world :-)

    Yeah, I'm gonna report about the Victim's Family gig, of cause....

    And yeah, too much cheesecake isn't good for you, fills you up like a porker...

  17. Aaaaah ancient memories... I'm just one year older than you it seems. My story starts with Deep Purple too: I permanently borrowed the "Black Knight" 7" from my aunt and was hooked on distortion ever since, that was in 1980. And that was the begionning of the addiction... I didn't care about punk or metal as long as it had distortion and screams, I was instantly hooked on Saxon, The Exploited, Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath. Nazareth... Then Venom, Exciter, Discharge, GBH, Slayer... ZER!




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