Sunday, April 18, 2010

Carnivore | Type O Negative

Carnivore, 1985 (RR Price Killers)
Retaliation, 1987 (RR Price Killers)
Carnivore + Retaliation (minus 3 songs), stupid 1991 RR reissue
Tribute to Carnivore, 2004
Type O Negative:
Slow, Deep And Hard, 1991
The Origin Of The Feces (original with anus), 1991
The Origin Of The Feces (with skeletons, Black Sabbath cover), 1992
(Skeletons Track 05 - Kill You Tonight)
Bloody Kisses, 1993
Bloody Kisses (digipack with Suspended In Dusk but no fast songs), 1993
Christian Woman (MCD), 1993
October Rust, 1996
World Coming Down, 1999
The Least Worst Of (compilation), 2000
Life Is Killing Me, 2003
Dead Again, 2007
Dead Again - Live in 1999 (bonus LP from the Dead Again 3LPs box), 2008
Slower, Deeper And Harder, 1991
8 live tracks (4 Carnivore songs) + 2 tracks from Slow, Deep And Hard + Black Sabbath cover
Live, Rare And hard, 1992
6 studio tracks from Bloody Kisses + 5 live Carnivore songs from 1984
Suicide Is Self Expression, 1994
9 live tracks + Summer Girl
..Love To Me Is So Unreal.. ..Happiness I Cannot Feel.., 1995
Type O Negative - Love To Me Is So Unreal... Happiness I Cannot Feel - 02 - Paranoid.mp3
6 live tracks from 1993 (1 Carnivore song) + 5 live Carnivore songs from 1984
Even Snow Dies, 1995
Type O Negative - Even Snow Dies - 06 - Black No 1
6 live tracks from 1994 + Summer Breeze + a Laibach song (zer ?)
We suck, 1997
8 live tracks from 1993 (including 2 Carnivore songs)
Steel O Dick, 1996
Type o Negative - Steel o Dick - 09 - Are you afraid - graviity
11 live tracks from 1996
Concrete Boots, 1996 (fixed)
11 Live tracks from 1996 (CD is fucked, 2 missing)
Live in Cleveland, 1999
Live In Cleveland (disk 2), 1999
14 live tracks from 1999 (but my CDs are fucked, 3 songs are lost)

The big man is dead, long live the king! So long Peter Steele, that was very unzer of you. Zerrest of condolences to the survivors.
On a blogish personal note, I've been hooked on Carnivore since forever because the first album is the best Venom record ever released, and Retaliation sits near the very top of Mount Classics of the crossover hardcore | thrash metal family (btw Agnostic Front's best Cause For Alarm features the Carnivore drummer). And then came the ultra monster Slow, Deep And Hard, which elevated the best of Carnivore to the power of excruciating doom! This record is high high high on the Eternal Top 10 ZerRrrrRrRRRRRRrr List, along with the fake live Origin Of The Feces. Did anyone else assemble with equivalent dexterity such potent grooves with almost dbeat thrashing through über catchy themes that you can't get out of your head for DECADES? All wrapped in immense and utterly ironic heaviness, so much zer at the same place... Other highlights in this discography are the following masterpieces Bloody Kisses and Dead Again, hypra fantastic releases of unbelievable class!!! All in all, Mr. Steele produced exactly the right music to mourn him, I don't see any better soundtrack for his funerals.
And now, you die!
CD rip except vinyl rip from
Dead Again - Live in 1999:
E1 Everything Dies
E2 My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
E3 Christian Woman
F1 Love You To Death
F2 Black No. 1

And from the very excellent Ganjacore blog, the very early Fallout/Carnivore demo!!!
More Carnivore here (demos and similar sounding NYC band Toximia from the super zer blog Lockjaw
Type O Negative website


  1. track 05 on The Origin Of The Feces (with skeletons, Black Sabbath cover)is corrupted

  2. Hello, just though I could give an addendum to the post, alternative versions of some songs of "Carnivore" plus two songs of Steele previous band "Fallout".

  3. ..Love To Me Is So Unreal.. ..Happiness I Cannot Feel..
    track 02 is corrupted

  4. Fuck THIS is awesome!!! What a genius..
    R.I.P. Peter

  5. Here is the bootleg corrupted track: Type O Negative - Love To Me Is So Unreal... Happiness I Cannot Feel - 02 - Paranoid.mp3

    Thanks a lot Bad Seed! Excellent post & blog - cheers!

    Yeah Mr Steele was a genius of musical music... It was only at a Bad Brains show in '89 and a Type O show in '95 that I was compelled to sing along! I'm usually a docile attendee, quiet-in-the-back type... But how can you resist the most incredible chorus in all rock music / the most intense love song ever!
    "I know you're fucking someone else!"
    "He knows you're fucking someone else!!!"
    "I know!"
    "He knows!!!"

  6. Even Snow Dies
    track 06 is corrupted

  7. Steel O Dick
    track 09 is corrupted

  8. Link for Concrete Boots links to Dead Again

  9. Sorry but I can't accept the compliment, the blog and the work done is not mine. I just wanted to share with "you" another piece of the puzzle.

  10. Here's some Carnivore live stuff:

  11. Thanks everyone for the comments and the links! The corrupted tracks are re-uploaded, links in post.

  12. Thanks a lot, zer.
    And here's the tribte to Carnivore:
    On the back cover it says the quality is shitty on purpose, so be prepaired...

  13. Thanks a lot Hardy! The quality is not shittier than many grindcore 7" anyway :-)

  14. ok,,,whats up with the dick,,lol,like im confused,shocked,,,dont know what to make of it,,love carnivore,and peter steele,,but is that his dick,,klol

  15. it's only a dick... not even a bunch of zombies eating a baby...

  16. All mediafire links are dead. It's a shame. Than you anyway by the effort.

  17. Is is possible to get the live stuff reripped as lossless WAV or FLACs? ..Love To Me Is So Unreal.. ..Happiness I Cannot Feel.., We Suck, and Concrete Boots are incredibly rare & they don't exist in lossless. Lossless would make you have a clone of the CD, instead of compressing the audio like mp3 does.

  18. Please please re-upload!




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