Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mind Of Asian

Chinmoku no kiri no naka, 2006
大きな森の小さな象 / A Small Elephant In A Large Forest, 2008
Split 12" w/Straight Edge Kegger, 2008
Split 7" with Vöetsek , 2008
When you are addicted to the mega exellent female Japanese thrash trio Yellow Machinegun, you are naturally drawn to the mega amazing female Japanese thrash quatuor Mind Of Asian, which may be shortly described as YM on 45, or 78 RPM. Mind Of Asian play bunring raw, basic and very fast in your face hardcore thrash not unlike 80s S.O.B. with a formidable catchy vibe. The way too short album Chinmoku no kiri no naka is the masterpiece of the lot, insanely hot JAPANESE THRASHHHHHHHHHHHH!
CD rip (albums) & vinyl rip (splits).

Chinmoku no kiri no naka:
01 - chinmoku
02 - no kiri no naka
03 - no rain no rainbow
04 - nights with out a noise
05 - yourself
06 - seifu meigetsu
07 - notarejini
08 - dreames realities
09 - i feel the earth move
10 - aoi shima

大きな森の小さな象 / A Small Elephant In A Large Forest:
1 この国の行く末は
2 Dear Love
3 地球上のどこかで
4 いつもこころに
5 探しているものは何だろう
6 偏見が人を左右するのか
7 Get Back Green
8 大きな森の小さな象
9 Natural
10 祈りよ
11 Life
12 We Are Asian
13 Let's Go
14 Beer Beer Beer
15 スタートラインは目の前だ

Split 12" w/Straight Edge Kegger:
A1 Mind Of Asian - I♥XXX
A2 Mind Of Asian - 理想⇔現実
A3 Mind Of Asian - 青い島
A4 Mind Of Asian - Satisfaction!!!!!
A5 Mind Of Asian - 艶
A6 Mind Of Asian - 音のない夜
A7 Mind Of Asian - こんな世の中
A8 Mind Of Asian - 清風明月
B1 Straight Edge Kegger - Advice
B2 Straight Edge Kegger - Potheads Anonymous
B3 Straight Edge Kegger - #1 Hit Hip Hop Bullshit
B4 Straight Edge Kegger - Government Mandate Dance Party (Un-Safety Dance)
B5 Straight Edge Kegger - Sleeping Pills
B6 Straight Edge Kegger - Zero x Infinity
B7 Straight Edge Kegger - Hurry Up And Wait
B8 Straight Edge Kegger - Arnie Speaks

Split 7" with Vöetsek:
A1 Vöetsek - Completing The Trilogy Of 666
A2 Vöetsek - Immoral Majority
B1 Mind Of Asian - Song 1
B2 Mind Of Asian - Song 2
B3 Mind Of Asian - Song 3

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