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Warhead - Speedway - 1984
Warhead - The Day After - 1986
Warhead - この想いを何処へ… + The Lost Self And Beating Heart - 1993/1995
Warhead - Warhead - 1996
Warhead - Never Give Up - 2011
Warhead - Acceleration / This World Of Confusion - 2011
Warhead - Warhead - 2014
01. Warhead - Speedway, 1984 CD Album
     Mausoleum - 704137.2
     Reissue from 1994
02. Warhead - The Day After, 1986 CD
     Mausoleum - 704149.2
     Reissue from 1994
03. Warhead - この想いを何処へ… + The Lost Self And Beating Heart, 1993/1995 Vinyl LP Compilation Test Pressing
     Ugly Pop Records - UP012
     Reissue from 2004
04. Warhead - Warhead, 1996 CD Album
     Communiqué Records - CMGCD 11
     Featuring Wurzel from Motörhead & Evo from Warfare & Algy Ward from Tank
05. Warhead - Never Give Up, 2011 CD Compilation, DVD
     Blood Sucker Records - BSR-107
06. Warhead - Acceleration / This World Of Confusion, 2011 Vinyl 7" Single 45 RPM
     HG Fact, La Vida Es Un Mus, Feral Ward - HG-280, MUS47, YAN-073
07. Warhead - Warhead, 2014 CD Album
     Blood Sucker Records - BSR-115
Following the accurate remark form a kind reader, a post of the UK Warhead album featuring Evo, Algy Ward & Würzel is on the menu to complete the Warfare post. I thought it would be a good occasion to also reload the Japanese hardcore engine Warhead - always the massive killer thrashing triplazer - and to post for the first time the classic 80s Belgian speed metal Warhead - this one is for old-timer fans of Iron Angel.
Thrash til Warhead!!!
Remove brackets and unzip: [zerhead]
!ZER Warhead ZER!

The LP rip #03 does not miss anything, it is only incorrectly indexed because the Discogs listing is wrong, the LP cover is all wrong too.
Here is the match between original releases and song positions in the rip:
Yes, B4 contains two songs and thus there is no A2, because I am a lazy dick. But the whole music is there.

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F U C K   T H E   S T A T E !


  1. 03 misses Track 02 (Pride As A Human Being)

    1. Actually A4-A9 of #03 are "Lost Self and Beating Heart". Compare their with 6-11 tracks of #05 (the EP according to
      So that #03 misses B2 instead (Make The Best of a Bad Job)
      And the track list of #03 on Discogs is wrong

  2. Replies
    1. zer !!! j'ai aussi un excellent numéro de téléphone depuis 2002.

  3. WOW!!! This is fantastic!

    you might as well round out this collection by adding the NEAT SINGLES COLLECTION 3, which focused on Warfare and Venom related material … attached in FLAC!YXJXhQLQ!bgfENtz4kBZ1CyBCz1cCFM07VjCOGwWz9qFS-SNdFFI




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