Friday, November 1, 2019


United - Bloody But Unbowed - 1990
United - Human Zoo - 1992
United - No IQ - 1996
United - Reload - 1997
United - Distorted Vision - 1999
United - Infectious Hazard - 2001
United - Core - 2002
United - Nine - 2005
United - Tear Of Illusions - 2011
United - Scars Of The Wasted Years - 2012
United - Absurdity - 2018
01. United - Bloody But Unbowed, 1990 CD Album
     Howling Bull - HBR-F0001
02. United - Human Zoo, 1992 CD Album
     Howling Bull - HBR-F0009
03. United - No IQ, 1996 CD Album
     Metal Blade Records - 3984-14107-2
04. United - Reload, 1997 CD Album Remastered
     Victor - VICP-5821
05. United - Distorted Vision, 1999 CD Album
     Howling Bull America - HBA 007
     Reissue from 2001
06. United - Infectious Hazard, 2001 CD Album
     Howling Bull Records - HWCA-1039
07. United - Core, 2002 CD Album
     Howling Bull Entertainment, Inc. - HWCA-1081
08. United - Nine, 2005 CD Album
     Howling Bull - HWCA-1104
09. United - Tear Of Illusions, 2011 CD Album
     Spiritual Beast - IUCP-16102
10. United - Scars Of The Wasted Years, 2012 CD Album Stereo
     413Tracks - FTCS-2494
11. United - Absurdity, 2018 CD Album
     Spiritual Beast - IUCP-16292
NRAR with the latest release Absurdity. The remarks from the 2013 post still stand: large influences from Metallica in the early days, larger influences from Exodus and much increased heaviosity in the releases since Reload (LOL or was this an intended pun and farewell to the Gaytallica of the 90s?). Plain rocking thrash metal, then deadly aggressive thrash metal: heart-shaped fingers. Now the newest album Absurdity: contains killer songs BUT the disgraceful, artificial tone of the kick drum prevents the album to gain five stars like its savage predecessors. Computers are great, just don't abuse with sampling in your mix! Still a great album that shall break some necks and bang that head. United have been a staple of the Japanese thrash metal scene for almost four decades, and with Outrage they are the least Japanese-sounding entity of the lot. Is this why Gotsu Totsu Kotsu, Jurassic Jade, Yasha and many others are more exciting? Value is subjective, nobody can answer. Let's just blast the monster Tear Of Illusion one more time to be sure. Exploding thrashisation of the triplazering legends!
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!ZER United ZER!

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